The snail china nfl jerseys free shipping of the blue sky

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The summer of The snail china nfl jerseys 1998, the central Oregon Michell free shipping of the blue sky town ushered in a yellow skin, black eyes of the Chinese boy, he is Yu Zhibo. Michel town perennial enjoying the warmth of the Pacific warm and humid air, the four seasons such as spring, lush vegetation, blue golden beaches, lush forests surrounding the town, towering mountains, rivers, lakes, vast grassland and desert quiet, natural scenery is very beautiful. But the town has a population of only 350 people, only one store, two restaurants, a post office and a school. This makes Yu Zhibo from the bustling Chengdu to feel lost.

Yu Zhibo came here Shishuwunai, who at the age of 16 Chinese college entrance examination to fall in examination, parents in order to allow him to go to the University for him in the Michel high school graduating class for admission.

To school a few days to find their original, Zhibo English foundation, can not adapt to the learning and living requirements, needless to say in class and the teachers and students nike nfl jerseys top quality are discussed, together with the landlord to have difficulty in communication.

The haze of entrance defeat entrenched heart disappears, and the strange environment, in the nba jerseys news language, like a piece of iron ZBO depressed, he always smiles can be scanty of words.

Joshua Jackson teacher taught them to physics, he is more than and 40 years old, smart, humorous, deeply loved the students. One day, a physics class, the teacher in the classroom questioning Jackson Yu Zhibo, in Zhibo had not heard the question, casually answered angrily, listening to the students set the whole room roaring with laughter. Yu Zhibo ashamed, he rushed out of the classroom after class, went to the woods near the school, here grass Feng Hua Mao, Yu Zhibo often in sitting quietly in a daze. He flung himself down on the grass, tears filled his cheek.

I don’t know when Jackson sat down beside him. He saw Yu Zhibo’s shoulder was stirred up, lovingly stroked his head. Yu Zhibo saw Jackson and stopped crying. Jackson pulled him up. At this time, to see a snail Zhibo their feet, its shell in the sun, delicate and transparent, it is difficult to crawl slowly.

Jackson asked, “do you know where the snails are going?”

Yu Zhibo shook his head. Jackson pointed to the front of the snail.” The front is a mountain peak, and everywhere, touch the sky.

Mr. Jackson then said: “I think the snail is to go to the top of the hill, there is a saying that” can reach the top of the Pyramid there are two kinds of animal – the eagle and the snail. ” Snails also like to choose high ah! I believe that as long as the efforts will eventually climb to the top, where it sees the scenery and the eagle is the same.”

What makes in Zhibo he looked up and saw the thoughtful teacher Jackson look forward to the eyes, he said: “thank you, teacher, I also want to do a cheap nfl jerseys climb to the top of the mountain snail!”

From the beginning of supply replica nfl jerseys the second day, to actively with the teachers and classmates Zhibo, imitate their speech tone and tone. Even when there is no one, he is listening to the tape and imitating. Two months, he mastered the basic American English pronunciation, can easily listen to the lecture.

In addition, his achievements are also rapidly. A year later, Yu Zhibo spoke on behalf of the group of outstanding students in high school graduation ceremony. After that, the headmaster privately told him that if he hadn’t said “thank you” in Chinese, the headmaster would have forgotten that he was a foreign student.

After college, he sang in Zhibo, rely on our own efforts, from the flow of the three university to the Harvard University business school, graduated in 2009. As one of the top 10 Citibank global leader program, one of the cutting-edge talent, he was hired by the world’s top five hundred companies Lenovo Group to become senior assistant to the president.

The sky is not low snail bleak, although it climbed slowly, as long as it can crawl towards the target, it will climb to the summit and an eagle glance, vision, have a piece of the blue sky.

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