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India has a story Inspirational china discount of a rich life of the nfl jerseys diamond under foot farmer Ali Hafet. One day, an old man called Ali Hafet, said: if you can get a big diamond thumb, you can buy all nearby land; if we can get the diamonds, also can let his son sit on the throne.

The value of the diamond was imprinted in Ali Hafet’s heart. Since then, he is not satisfied with anything.

That night, he stayed up all night. On the morning of the second day, he called the old man, and asked him where to find the diamond. The old man wants to dispel his idea, but Ali Hafet did not listen, stubborn, still pestering he finally lost to all sense of shame, the old man told him: you go to the high mountains in search of Baisha River flows. If you can find it, there must be buried diamond sand.

Then, Arleigh haffah Tebian sold all his estate, let the family boarding in the neighborhood home, he went to look for the diamond. But he walked and nfl jerseys online walked, never found the treasure. He was disappointed at the end of the Spanish coast and died.

But the story does not end.

One day, the man who bought Ali Hafet’s house, took the camel into the backyard and wanted the camels to drink. There is a river in the backyard. The camel put your nose into the cheap nfl jerseys online river, he found the river sand is a light that block. He immediately dug that glittering stone home, placed in the grate.

After some time, the old man came to visit the family, he finds that the hob Shining Stone, could not help but run forward.

“This is a diamond!” He exclaimed in surprise, “is Ali Hafet coming back?”

“No, Ali Hafet hasn’t come back yet. The stone was found in the back yard.” Live a new house replied.

“You’re lying to me.” The old man did not believe, “as soon as I entered the room, I knew it was a diamond. Don’t look at me some nagging, but I still recognize this is a real diamond!”

So the two men ran out of the room to the little river, and then they saw the stone which was more lustrous than the first one. The famous diamond that was dedicated to Queen Victoria also came from there, weighing one hundred carats.

Life philosophy:

In life, we often can not stand the temptation to go elsewhere to find something that can not be obtained, but ignored the things around. In fact, far things are often just a mirage, as long as we are good at that, everyone has a treasure.

A week later, Magre didn’t show up. Jennifer knew he was fooled, because the statute of limitations is about to expire, today is the last day. Angry Jennifer phoned Magre, questioned why he did not keep his promise. Magre was on the phone: “I miss Jennifer cheap nfl jerseys, the limitation of action due today, who call you so stupid!”

Jennifer didn’t want to give up. She asked the clerk: “ready for the record to the long time?” The Secretary replied: “three or four hours jerseys different nfl size. It’s a little bit, even though we can draw up the documents with the fastest speed, and then send them to the law office, and they will draw up a new document and then hand it in to the court.”

Jennifer was in the room around, suddenly, in a flash, she thought of a problem: the car company has branches throughout the United States, why not take the place of prosecution move to the west? It’s an hour away from a time zone! Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean in the West ten areas, and the time difference between New York and the whole of the 5 hours! Yeah, in Hawaii!

In the last 5 hours, Jennifer won the recognition of all the members of the jury with the eloquent facts and precise language. Finally, the jury unanimously ruled that Connie won, the car company in accordance with the law to compensate the victim for a total loss of $6 million.

5 hours in the long river of life may be just a drop in the bucket, but for a good thinking, never give up the people, often can create amazing results.

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