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A man died on the Philosophy nfl jerseys online way to meet a Yama wholesale center story palace, the palace beautiful decoration. The owner of the palace begged him to stay. The man said: “I have a busy life in the world. I just want to eat now, just want to sleep, hate work.”

The owner replied, “if so, there is no better place for me to live in than in the world.”. I’m here with you to eat what eat table delicacies from land and sea, what, no one to stop you; I have a very comfortable bed, you sleep as long as you want, not someone to bother you; and, I promise there is no things you need to do.”

The man was very satisfied.

Beginning a period of time, he ate, slept, ate and felt very happy. Gradually, he felt a little lonely and empty. He went to the owner, complained: “every day to eat to sleep for a long time also does not have the meaning of this life, I have no interest in it, you can find a job for me?”

The master replied, “I’m nba jerseys news sorry, we’ve never had a job here.”

A few months later, the man could not bear, and went to the owner: “this jerseys direct nfl supply time I really can not stand, if you don’t allow me to work, I prefer to go to hell, also don’t want to live here.”

The owner smiled contemptuously, “do you think this is heaven? To tell you the truth, this is hell!”

“Although there is no sword can, no fire can dance, but it can destroy your ideal, corrosion your soul, even let you become a dead-alive person out, this is not a living hell?”

The people see light suddenly: “excessive enjoyment of the original is hell!”

Life sentiment:

The easy life is what we yearn for, the short life of ease, can make us rest and peace. But too long for the life of ease, but also as hell, it will gradually destroy our ideals, corrosion of our hearts, can even put us into a dead-alive person.

The United States has named Jennifer’s famous lawyer, she had created 5 hours to win a lawsuit in the United States law pass from mouth to mouth with approbation miracle.

The story goes like this jerseys from nfl china: an American girl named Kang Ni was knocked down by a truck in the street. The truck was made by discount nfl jerseys a famous American automobile company. As a result of the sudden, Connie knew nothing about the situation at that time, and the party hired lawyer Magre was cunning to use a variety of evidence to overthrow the testimony of several witnesses, Connie lost.

Connie to Jennifer for help. Jennifer received the case after careful investigation, a startling conclusion: 15 the cause of the accident the car company production of trucks which occurred in recent 5 years are exactly the same, there is a serious problem that the truck brake system, brake, the car rear will spin, the victims involved in the vehicle, thereby the cause of the accident.

Jennifer found the defense attorney Magre immediately: “truck brake device has a problem, but you have to hide the truth. I’d like the car company to pay $2 million to Connie, or we’ll sue.” The old, crafty person magre replied: “yes, but I want to go to London tomorrow, come back after a week, I will discuss with you again.” Jennifer believed in him.

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