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A man met a Opportunity only supply fairy in the night, the fairy 2016 wholesale nfl jerseys must grasp told him that there are great things to happen to him, he will have a chance to get a large amount of wealth, get outstanding position in the society, and to marry a beautiful wife. The man had been waiting for this wonderful promise all his life, but nothing had happened. He spent his life in poverty, lonely death. When he died, he saw the fairy, he said to the gods: you said you want to give me wealth, high social position and beautiful wife, I have been waiting for a lifetime, but nothing.”

The genie replied, “I didn’t say that. I promise you that I will give you the opportunity to nfl jerseys news gain wealth, a respectable social position, and a beautiful wife.” The man was confused and said, “I don’t know what you mean.” The fairy replied: “do you remember that you once thought of a good idea, but you do not act, because you are afraid of failure and dare to try?” The man nodded.

Immortal continued: “because you did not act, the idea of a few years later by another person to think of, that person is not afraid to do, and he later became the richest man in the country. Also, you should remember that once there was a major earthquake, most of the houses in the city were destroyed,nfl jerseys free shipping and thousands of people were trapped in the collapsed houses. You have the opportunity to help save those people alive, but you are afraid of thieves will take advantage of you not at home, your home to rob steal, you as an excuse to ignore this, those who need your help, and just keep his house.” The man nodded in embarrassment.

“It is a good chance for you to save hundreds of people,” said the fairy, “and that opportunity will give you much respect and glory in the city!”

“And,” said the fairy continued, “do you remember there is a black hair beautiful woman, you have been very strongly attracted by her, so you never love a woman, then have not encountered such a good woman like her. But you don’t think she’s going to love you, and you can’t even promise to marry you.” The man nodded again, and this time he shed tears.

The fairy said, “my friend, that’s her! She was supposed to be your wife, you will have a few beautiful children, and with her, your life will be a lot of fun.”

Huang Xiang is the Eastern Han Xia Xia, that is, the Three Kingdoms period. When Huang Xiang nine year old winter, before going to sleep with his own body to warm up with their parents, a small fan fan to the parents before going to bed pillow in summer. He is filial to his parents, a good example for the son of man. They are holding, let the meaning of Yan to filial piety, never give up, called “filial piety towards parents, when they are”.

The Yuan Dynasty Fujian Fu Guo Yanping Jujing had twenty-four stories, filial history edited a book, is “Ershisixiao”, “Huang Xiang Fan pillow nfl jerseys online” is one of the stories.

This is an example of the Kong Rong line, and let the pear is known to every family story. Kong Rong is the thirty-second generation descendant of Confucius, who Lu, was born in the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Three Kingdoms period, when he was governor of Beihai. Kong Rong had good tolerance, often said: “the guest often full bottles of wine is not empty, I worry”.

The four year old Kong Rong knew the pecking order, when eating pears, eat their young small. The so-called three year old look, the four year old nike nfl jerseys top quality child’s humble gift so that we know that there will be large.

The brothers are brothers, “thousand characterclassic” also mentioned “hole with the brothers of the same breath and branches”. Brothers of the road is a cardinal in Lun, for whom road. Between the brothers love each other to care for each other, the same breath, because there is a direct relationship between the brothers, just like tree roots, even branches. Ti Wuchang belongs to the “ceremony” in Germany, its principle is “four”. To do his brother love, caring brother, brother, brother to be respectful respect. If the brothers can do their own way, natural harmony and fraternity. If the interests of the first family in the second place, it is wrong. Not only against the brothers of the road, but also contrary to filial piety, because parents are most distressed brother.

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