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There is a young Inspirational cheap price man, working in an oil nfl jerseys from china legendary life company in the United States, there is no special technology, his work, even children can do it, that is to inspect and confirm the oil tank cover is not welded. Not a few days, he started this work very tired, want to change, but can not find other suitable jobs.

He wanted to make a breakthrough in the work, he had to find something to do. Therefore, he watched carefully and found a jar of rotation, dropping 39 welding agent. He tried to think: in this series of work, there is no place to improve. Once, he suddenly thought: if you can reduce the solder one or two drops, can save cost?

After some research, he developed a “37 drops” welding machine, after the trial is not practical. He did not lose heart, continue to study hard, and finally developed a “38 drops” welding machine. This invention is perfect, although it is only a drop of solder, but the drop nfl jerseys online for the company increased by $500 million a year of new profits. This young man is the master, later oil industry ninety-five percent power oil magnate John Rockefeller.

Ordinary people tend to ignore trivial things, however, “a drop of welding agent,” the wisdom of Rockefeller has changed the ordinary life. Positive so-called: a drop of wisdom, the legendary cheap price for nfl jerseys life.

In ordinary things, there are many opportunities, but you must have the ability to seize it and the dedication.

Here is the story of Confucius administration. Confucius said, “people are born with knowledge, have learned, learn and know”. Even those born with knowledge is to learn, some very talented people are very smart, but not seriously seek knowledge, relying on his genius play the gangster, was destroyed by himself. Confucius is a saint, is never too old to learn, he had seven years of marriage and ask questions, make a good example for future generations.

Marriage is the spring and Autumn period of prodigy, Confucius had to ask him a question, it was later known as “st.”. According to legend, Confucius had a meeting with the disciples east. When traveling to the city of Ji Qi barrier, there are several play Avenue on the edge of playing children, there is a boy in the real road. Zi Lu rushed, parking snapped: “the children do not let the wholesale nfl jerseys car? What about you?” The boy said: “in this city, Ma An car can get through?

“Confucius leaned way:” city where?” The boy said: “built on foot.” Confucius get off and watch, see the children stand in the gravel, tiles into the “city”. The boy asked: “is the city to make horses and chariots and horses, or city?” Confucius smiled and said: “the good clever boy! May I have your name, how old are you?” Child replied: “my name is marriage, at the age of seven. Who are you top quality for cheap nfl jerseys calling?” Confucius replied: “I am Lu confucius”. The marriage surprised way: “you are a great reputation of Confucius! Then I ask you three questions, I let out a city out of the way, don’t answer it please round the town”. Confucius think the marriage child is very interesting, then smiled and said: “That’s settled then”!

The marriage said: “great is the number of days three master, how many stars, grain, how many people eyebrow?” Confucius shook his head and said, “I really don’t know”. The marriage proudly said: “I tell you, day night stars, a crop of corn, black and white people have two eyebrows.” The marriage asked again: “ask what water no fish? What fire has no smoke? What tree has no leaves? What flowers have no branches?” Confucius replied: “rivers and lakes, water and fish; firewood fire smoke candle, is not a leaf; no tree, no branches and where there are flowers?” The marriage hearing shook his head and said: “no, well no fish, no smoke, no dead fireflies, leaves, branches no snow.”

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