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Thirty years And the largest discount ago, he was working as nfl jerseys will blossom a cleaner in a ceramic factory called wheat. His main job was to clean up the pieces of pottery and clay in the factory, with a daily wage of 20 Mark. Then the factory Bethe lattice very envious apprentice, because every day they can receive 10 Mark Mark 10, this is very important for Bettger, his mother suffering from asthma, 10 per month Mark about medical expenses, and his wages for one family daily expenses.

Of course, just as an apprentice Bettger wishful thinking, this is impossible, first of all, he didn’t have enough money to pay tuition. Secondly, he could not set the technician with any relationship. Lipset is Italian, his intellectual property was particularly important, in addition to relatives or very trust, he will never pass the core technology to anyone, including the manufacturers sent staff. However, Bate lattice and did not give up hope, he took advantage of every opportunity to quietly learning method for firing ceramics, cleaner identity helped him, sometimes, Poucet and his disciples will damage some pottery in the production process, and let Bate out to clean up their lattice is not taboo, Bate, after all he is a no ordinary cleaners, nobody noticed him, nor that he. Bettger very cherish this opportunity, he always side cleaning, while secretly learning. Bettger has a strong observation, although there is no master guidance, but the number of times to go, he learned from a lot of things.

In the past more than and 10 nba jerseys news years, Bethe lattice identity did not change, he is still an ordinary cleaners, Mason ceramic factory but he has special skills, capable of firing very fine pottery. One day, Poucet and technicians in the factory leadership conflicts, angrily, he left the Mason ceramic factory with a nfl jerseys china for promotion few disciples, returned to Italy. At that time, no other technicians in the factory, the factory could go, immediately paralyzed, the leadership of the factory anxious like ants on a hot pan, if a person could not find the place in a short period of time, so their factories will face closure.

We feel in despair, Bettger stood out, he told the boss of the factory said: “Sir, could you let me try?” When the boss saw Bettger, he said, “what can you do with a cleaner?” What I need now is a technician.” Bettger did not argue, but to take out a piece of pottery from the unhurried side, then confidently said: “Sir, please take a look at this, its quality can meet the requirements of the factory?” The boss took a look, suddenly stunned and terrified, and the pottery level than Poucet fired, very special. (boss) this is simply overjoyed, he immediately changed the attitude of timely assistance, and a benign countenance to Bettger said: “good technology! Do you have any requirements?”

“I have nothing else to ask, but I hope you can raise my salary to the standard of the apprentice.” Bettger worried that the boss did not agree, and added: if you feel that my request is too much, I can continue to work as a cleaner, will not affect the operation of the plant.” The boss after listen to laugh and said: “the work of a cleaner you don’t do it, as long as you can burn out satisfactory products, I will give you the same salary and poucet.”

The Bethe lattice work, Mason ceramics factory not only resumed production, but also became a famous European pottery maker, and Bettger also became Germany’s top technicians, a decent, good life. It turned out that as long as the right thing to do, then the humble dream will blossom.

He was born in an ordinary cheap price nfl jerseys farm in canada. To tell the truth, his parents did not hold too much hope, only hope that he can grow up healthily, and then follow the prescribed order to read, work, marriage, children. However, even this small desire, he is also difficult to meet all nfl style jerseys the requirements of his parents, because he is surprisingly stupid”.

When the kindergarten, the teacher to teach children to do manual, other children will be taught, but he in the hands of the teacher under the guidance of, and even two days of school did not learn, the teacher can only reluctantly shook his head. The primary school, although he worked hard, but his performance is always hovering in the bottom one or two position, the students gave him a nickname “stupid”. He wanted to be with the students theory, we face a machine gun taunt, his language ability is not, only a person hiding in the corner of the classroom, secretly tears. Although his performance has been very bad, parents still live frugally for him to go to school, but with the increase of the depth of his course, more and more pressure, character more introverted. Parents anxious to see in the eyes, no way, had to take him to find a psychiatrist.

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