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Last month the family received two Harvard Yale College students come to China to visit, at cost comes to exchange the Chinese. The cost of tens of thousands of tens of thousands, for the Change to struggling parents average American family, or even middle class, it is not low. But the two girls home reception, though they are from the middle of the family, a return on their own work, a scholarship to rely on their own efforts, can take buy Authentic Nike Bengals Jerseys the bus in Beijing is certainly not a taxi, can certainly not to eat in the cafeteria restaurants.

In short, we do not think that the RMB dollars, more expensive ah, also may be authentic nfl dallas cowboys jerseys awkward posture flower. When the university with a Japanese girl flat-share a house, she Chinese first week did not find a suitable place to eat for a week. Bread, feel to be hung on the Chinese. With our flat-share not long after, they use their own language advantage, find a part-time job at the school gate, dry like a raging fire. She told us that the Japanese Authentic Nike Bengals Jerseys high school students go out to a drinking party is very common, but the money must work to earn their parents do not give money to drink. Most of the university students are also their own to make money, including the cost of exchange students. Her sister was high, usually have a part-time job, because want to participate in the winter camp holiday.

You see, foreign children really miserable, or China children the best life, let alone to work, twenty or thirty years to reach out to their parents for money, people complain that their parents don’t have the skills to a pile of a pile, a pair of I have no ability to make money, ask parents points right attitude. No You are too accustomed to you. A few days ago to pull the black of a friend, because he never knew I began to complain about their parents, no ability, no extra money for myself, not to buy their own house, parents are rubbish, make myself so bitter, so their the old woman always complain about their children, but can not afford. I said that you work hard, ah, you are a man ah, are so big can not complain about their parents. He said he didn’t want to work with me, not a person, do not love to love, just idle away in seeking pleasure. I am not a Xianpinaifu, but I don’t love to Authentic Nike Bengals Jerseys complain about the parents, not only love not complain to the people, then pull the black. You think this is just a special case? Of course not.

I have received a letter, the number is quite a lot, the effect is that they have the opportunity to study abroad, etc., but the cost will be very high, their families can not afford, parents also feel that it is not necessary. But I think it is a good opportunity to let the parents sell a house money. They will try to return to their parents, but parents do not want to, how to do? How do you have a face? How much is it to go abroad to study? How much money can you count on your future salary? Do not say to sell a house, you are ready to use the money to pay off your parents for many years? I sometimes tell me some purchasing Tucao now many guest payment very slow, things for a long time, also do not pay, some children are parents in their help, what’s new, those people to buy, did not see their spending power, and regardless of the parents in old age but also keeps and his grandson. Sometimes looking very sad.

Of course, if the parents have money, family conditions are good, parents are willing to help do anything, the problem is a lot of parents, but also more than the lack of heart, keep you for twenty or thirty years, but also endless money. Are parents too used to you? No You are so used to yourself! You are so used to yourself! You are so used to yourself! What is your face with your child have to say he is 18 years old. When I graduated, have Authentic Nike Bengals Jerseys time to go to home to colleagues conservatories, colleague’s mother said: “this house, we two old people as we can, a lifetime savings to them. The children can live happily, we drink every day, rice congee can, you young people is not easy.”

The old lady said with a smile, we heard a few of the heart would like to cry. Many people said: “after I had a child, raised to 18 years old, after what all regardless of, will not give him to buy a house to buy a car, I also use the money to travel around the world to go.” How do you Authentic Nike Bengals Jerseys then face that your parents house is emptied of all help you buy it, what do you face with your child said to raise his 18 years old? If your parents think so, you should have gone to the cement pipe. One to their own when the time is not enough, one to pay when they are far away. Some people say that now prices are so high, I can not afford to buy a piece of brick, parents do not give me money, how can I get married? How to raise a child?

Isn’t it your own business? Can not afford to buy more things, you do not live. Can not afford to buy a house temporarily do not buy, the couple continued to work together individuals who meet the eye everywhere, rent a family has a lot of life. Parents’ money is not money? You spend Authentic Nike Bengals Jerseys a month 178000 naked save up, parents saved up his pension is playing with the same? You just want to do not want to pay more than enough effort. My boss once told me: “we are a small family, my parents never interfere, because we all rely on their own, not by their parents.” Now how many people dare to speak so? Liu Yong said a word:

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