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More than and Change wholesale 30 years ago, to build a nike nfl jerseys the life railway in front of the village, in the village to recruit young labor. Because of the high wages, the food is good, the young people in the village are fighting for. Sign up early to be admitted, late registration no row number, it is regret to stamp.

On that day, when brother wearing new clothes, excitedly told me he would go to the railway work, after a month can earn high wages, the proud for words. Things such as people expected, the railway repair work is bad fat, live weight, wages also get high, but never in arrears, eat much better than home, evening home folks, like picking up gold like happy. In addition, such a statement is circulated in the village, because the railway repair tool did not count, go home, while the dark can steal pilfering some home sold, but also making some extra money.

I have seen a steel cone, they steal crowbar back from the railway construction sites, standing there high one, Zeng Ming pointed shiny, is said to be made of fine steel, get the tiejianglu, with sharp tools. Friends chubby father’s head, he is said to be the most stolen, have a lot of tools are not exhausted to the waste station,nfl jerseys news which is said to have a lot of money. The thinking of cousin to get such a lot of money, but did not expect, cousin are not jealous, always go home empty handed.

My cousin doesn’t steal the site, was the mother of poking head on: you said your authentic nfl jerseys this child is silly or listless! Others are stealing the fortune, you in that decentequipment does not work, it is not obvious to suffer a great deal? She was repeatedly persuaded to no avail, begged me to persuade cousin. () under the elder’s face, I had to go to my cousin, but before I open my mouth, my cousin said, you don’t persuade me, I won’t do that again in a sneaky way that people want to live dignified and imposing don’t owe me money, site, eat well, I don’t do that in good conscience what…… My cousin is a stubborn temper, that it is nine cattle also do not pull back, so I see him, a few mouth and shut.

The longer the repair of the railway, the more the more repair, the folks who have been working to be dismissed. Back is the earliest chubby father, because he once stole the tools too much, after being found, not only the remaining deduction of wages, almost be fined. The rest did not catch, also returned home. But the cousin accidentally left, first as a deputy to the site of the boss, and later became a railway contractor, and then turn it into, the railway workers end public jobs. The village people say cousin blessed, others say someone we go back to the railway, or go to so many people, how he left alone one?

After that, this is attributed to the cousin do not steal or take. When the site boss is looking for a clean, reliable man when the assistant, cousin was selected to fully deserve. First, because of his practical work, the two is because he has never lost his hand tools, such as a life of the two papers, the quality of the moral quality of the upper and lower.

In fact, there are so many papers in life, so that you become a test of the unconscious. Of course, the test score certainly favored, Yibudengtian is a successful in the official career. This high score papers sometimes become a watershed in life, the outcome is likely to change the fate of your life.

The victory or defeat nfl jerseys free shipping lies in a treasure arrow, how stupid, and when a person and handle the core of life to others, and how dangerous! For example, the hope lies in the children; the well-being of the husband in the body; the life of the security unit in the body……

His is an arrow, if it tough, if it is sharp, if it archery, crack shot, sharpen it, it can only save yourself.

At a seminar, a famous discount nfl jerseys speaker did not speak a prologue, holding a $20 bill in his hand.

Faced with 200 people in the meeting room, he asked, “who wants this $20?” A hand held up. He went on: “I’m going to give this $20 to one of you, but before that, please allow me to do one thing.” He said the money into a group, and then asked: “who?”” There are still people holding hands. He said, “well, what if I do that?” He threw the money on the ground, set foot on one foot, and grinds it with his foot. Then he picked up the money and the money had become dirty and wrinkled. “Who wants it now?” Or someone raised his hand.

“My friends, you have a very meaningful lesson. No matter how I treat the money, you still want it, because it did not depreciate, it is still worth $20. Life on the road, we will many times by their own decision or adversities, bullying or even grind to smashed to pieces. We seem to feel not worth a hair. But no matter what happens, or what will happen, you will never lose value in the eyes of god. In his view, dirty or clean, neat clothing neat or not, you are still priceless.”

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