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Former president By chance wholesale from china Johnson’s life experience nfl jerseys by accident has suffered several accidents. Once in the process of playing truant encountered unclaimed bicycles auction. The first bike started bidding, standing in front of Johnson bid: $two.” The bid continued, and the auctioneer took a look at the little boy.

Next, a few cars are taken out, Johnson is still $two each bid, as if there is no additional plans. Two dollars is too little, at the scene, the final price of each bike are in the tens of dollars. The auctioneer was surprised and asked him why he didn’t fare any more, “Johnson said.” I only got $two.” The auction is about to end, the scene is only the last beautiful bike, the auctioneer asked: “who bid?” At this time, standing in the front, almost lost hope Johnson said: $two.” The auctioneer stopped singing, for all the people were silent, and no one raised his hand. Finally, Johnson took out his hand in the hands of $two, bought the most beautiful bike. For Johnson, the auction event, just by chance, the success of the auction, it is accidental by chance. This is the chance to give Johnson enough confidence, he believes, don’t give up, everything is possible.

After graduating from the Southwest Normal University in Texas for some time, he had nothing to do, he was invited by a friend, intends to travel far away. A few days before departure, he accidentally hurt his foot, when the foot wound is small, he not take it seriously, just apply some medicine. Unexpectedly, the dark dye he wearing a pair of socks on the inferior toxins, let small wound in his foot infection,nba jerseys news resulting in inflammation jerseys top nfl quality and ulceration. No, he canceled plans to travel with friends. At that time, there was a famous orator he came to live in the town, idle at home boring he was on crutches to hear the speaker speech. The speaker’s speech touched him deeply. He felt that he had to change his life and even decided to continue his studies and prepare for the future. From then on, he redoubled his efforts in all things, no longer wasted time, life has a new turn. Later, he entered politics, outstanding performance, great popularity, with all efforts, soon have a prominent position.

In 1937 James Buchanan, a congressman in the Tenth District of Texas, died suddenly, leaving empty seats. The accident gave Johnson a chance, and he was determined to try. At the time of his Democratic rival, 5, some famous than he is, some sufficient campaign funds than he is, they are opposed to Roosevelt’s “New Deal” by the local conservative support, public opinion that Johnson would win very little. But the young man, in line with the trend, hold high the banner of Roosevelt’s “New Deal” campaign. Especially he had helped a large number of young enthusiastic in his campaign. As a result, he was unexpectedly elected to the house of representatives.

There is no doubt that these events have had a subtle influence on Johnson’s success. But if the success of Johnson simply attributed to these accidental “accident”, I am afraid biased. Compared with the chance that Johnson met by chance, another man named Kerrey was miserable.

The young Kerrey is very unfortunate, accidental reasons, only 11 years old, he had to leave his family in Berlin, a boarding primary school in Bern. He cried to his mother in his school’s loneliness and failure, longing for love and warmth of the mother’s family. But that didn’t help, because their families were displaced from the United States to Berlin after the war jerseys china nfl factory. There was no place in the world. In order for him to receive a better education, the mother could not meet his demands.

In order to get a scholarship, Kerrey tried his best to participate in all kinds of special competition. However, too accidental, singing his score is the last name; the speech contest, he got a full house of laughter; although the slender, sport is useless. At the end of the year award outstanding, he got an “all project participants” name. Don’t win it out, each item is at the bottom, so authentic nfl jerseys the probability is not much, can not explain, purely by chance.

It is these accidents, prompting Kerrey to abandon other projects, concentrate on training their eloquence. In the streets of political speech, to help members of the votes, and a classmate of Bern parliament…… In 1962 Tyukri entered Yale University to study politics. In his second year of college, Kerrey became president of the Yale political union, which gave him the opportunity to take part in all the important political events of the time. He was also admitted to Yale University’s skull and bones”. Under the guidance of Professor Rolin Osterweis, Professor Kerrey has won numerous debates from other schools and won the national debate. In March 1965, Kerrey won the award for best young speaker in a speech that criticized American foreign policy. He was chosen as the representative of Yale graduates in 1966 because of his excellent presentation skills. All of Kerrey’s classmates at Yale thought he was an elegant and noble boy. He was a diligent and conscientious student.

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