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For his high school Every grass authentic nfl jerseys reading for 7 years, but wholesale root leads to spring only a second-class University in Yunnan. He just spent 1 years in college, but dropped out for themselves. In this regard, the teacher, the students “evaluation is not reliable,” father earnestly threatened disinheritance. This is a love day dreaming “grass root voice”, a no pulse nor money, but in 6 years to build a business income of over 100 million yuan online training institutions, he is the dream of spring inspiredcountless grassroots grassroots star – Xing shuai.

Sophomore year, Xing Shuai 23 years old, holding the family sent a heavy tuition of $8000, his heart mixed with the taste of the five. On the one hand, he knows how hard the parents in the country to raise money, he thought a little early to join the community to reduce the burden for the family; on the other hand he blame themselves too stupid, spare time to go to work but to distribute leaflets floating city hands, not to earn money instead of a fine; more important is the computer science major he, for a period of time that the fans on the plane design, facing the school supply replica nfl jerseys curriculum and follow the prescribed order the increasingly severe employment situation, he often sigh he cannot read the future.

After thinking, Xing Shuai decided to drop out of school. He sent his family’s college tuition to a computer, spent a lot of money on a training nfl jerseys online course, concentrated on using Photoshop software, and rented a small house near the school. Because of the high tuition fees, Xing Shuai is very careful, will soon be able to skillfully operate, and independently complete some design tasks. Although the design of the network is relatively fragmented, earn commissions are not many, but Xing Shuai was very happy, because it is a free career full of wisdom.

However, the economic crisis of 2008 good times don’t last long, ferocious, almost swallowed Xing Shuai all business orders. There is no source of income, the landlord has urged again and again to pay the rent, so he had to go out the door, look around to find room for design. Unfortunately, once proud software skills in the recruitment of the eyes can not astepping-stone to success, the design team of talented candidates than he experienced no matter how he reduced meet the eye everywhere, salary, is not a unit willing to hire him.

Back to the rental house, Xing handsome mood is very depressed, he carefully inventory of their assets. In addition to the normal operation of the computer and physical health, the wallet and the total balance of the bank card has been less than 50 yuan. What should I do? We really have to face their parents seeking asylum?

At this time, a group of friends in the graphic design QQ group sent a friend for help information, Xing Xing consulting some Photoshop software operating skills. After the patience to finish, he joked to the friend, said: “the situation is difficult, as a reward for this tutorial, you need to hit 50 dollars to buy water to buy instant noodles.” Did not expect the friend very generous, immediately gave him the bank card transfer 50 yuan. This extra income at the mobile phone information, Xing Shuai instantly top quality for cheap nfl jerseys ignited a dream in brewing for a long time: set a specific user benefits grassroots training, to his knowledge of the Photoshop software, with passion and patience to preach, doubts, help more people learn each other to gain proficiency in a particular line. The power forward.

Do it now, he immediately found a notebook to participate in the training, combined with the actual operation difficulty of software, compiled a simple notes, and bombing of recruitment advertisements published in the QQ group, forum and Post Bar, soon got the first batch of students. At the beginning of Xing Shuai only 10 yuan per class, almost the market price of 1/5, and he implemented lifelong learning system. However, he has a strong Shandong accent, the students do not understand the direct opening of the curse, so Xing Shuai hit. To this end, he set aside an hour a day to exercise Putonghua, as well as the class action and demeanor. () but soon, the students also complain that he is not lively enough, humor, so he recited some special humorous scripts into finishing handouts, gradually grope Xings winfrey. There are a lot of students into the class when confused and sad, when learning a certain stage after the excessive expansion of confidence, Xing Shuai at any time to take on the burden of psychological counselors.

In his first year, Xing Shuai, in addition to buying books and go to the library access to nike nfl jerseys information on the occasional street, he completely gave up all the holidays, completely forgot his age in love. He spent all day in the rented room, opened the morning to open the video, from 8 lectures to the evening of 12 points. After class, he insisted on reading lessons, often to four or five in the morning, before the rest of the two or three hour class continued. This year, although Xing Shuai only income of 30 thousand yuan, but he widened the field of vision, won a good reputation, to find out the network training and traditional education, online training is different, also found the first partner in their cooperation, set up a more than and 10 founding team, started in the YY voice channel.

October 2009, Xing Shuai formally established the school of network education, the curriculum from the earliest software training extended to video post production, graphic design, illustration, network marketing and other aspects, the user group is locked in the work of one to two years to improve our young people, and just from the countryside to the big city to make a living of the people at the grassroots level. Instant communication down to earth style of teaching, teaching skills training, all-weather, the network education institute to meet the many grassroots youth eager to change the life desire. To some extent.

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