Wang Yikai nfl jerseys factory online in ashes

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Wang Yikai was Wang Yikai nfl jerseys born in 1986 in a family factory online in ashes of ordinary workers, Danyang city was what a school will be clever and sensible, and since the beginning of school, from primary school to high school grades, has been among the best in the class, especially math grades are excellent, has won the “Hua Luogengjin Cup”, “Jiangsu juvenile mathematics competition silver medal mathematics competition first prize” a number of national and provincial and municipal awards, relatives and friends and next door neighbours who knew Wang Yikai praises him to study well, the future must have ambition, parents are full of expectations for his future, expect him to grow up healthy, become a useful talents for the society in the future.

In June 2005, Wang Yikai graduated from high school, college entrance examination in 632 points to be admitted to the Department of architecture, Southeast University. July 11th received the admission notice of that day, one family is cheerful, parents had made Wang Yikai’s favorite food, congratulate him with first class test scores on the national schools. Table parents told Wang Yikai: “Study hard to go to college as in the past, a good mastery of professional knowledge!” “Mom and Dad, you can rest assured!” Wang Yikai confident attitude cheap nfl jerseys online. The family ate, said, had a good day.

On the second day, Wang Yikai decided to buy a computer for him after he went to college. Close to noon, Wang Yikai came to the store, carefully china nfl jerseys selected a favorite of their own computer, after the purchase of happy to go home, while walking forward to look forward to the upcoming college life. But at this moment, a sudden doom moment will he better vision, he went to the smash hit not far from a curve, is an illegal passing car knocked down, immediately fainted. At this time, is 12 noon, at home waiting for Wang Yikai to eat him father hasn’t come back, then let the mother call him, asked about the situation, heard a strange voice after the phone handset, the other is the king’s mother knew that she Yikai immediately said anxiously: “you son of a car being hit in the cell door, you quickly come to see!” Hearing this, Wang Yikai’s mother shouted: “children!” He and her husband ran out, they ran out of the District, not far from the side of the road saw lying on the ground Yikai Wang, Wang Yikai’s mother immediately rushed forward, as a medical worker she quickly clawed the son of pupil examination, when he saw the son of pupil has spread, suddenly crazy call an ambulance and ask the hospital to quickly arrange surgery, she is only one wish, must keep his son’s life.

Soon, Wang Yikai was sent to the hospital, after checking his left and right brain injury, especially the brain almost all the damage, the doctor immediately made him a craniotomy. As a result of serious injuries, Wang Yikai surgery again after the intracranial hemorrhage, the doctor had to do second operations for him, but did not expect a few days after the onset of intracranial hemorrhage in Wang Yikai,

So he was transferred to Zhenjiang First People’s Hospital, within a week and made 3 consecutive surgery.

In 10 Yu Tian 5 times after craniotomy, are accompanied by terrifying dying every time Wang Yikai’s parents received notice, which indicates that a piece of paper, death is torn with grief, tears.

Due to his injuries, Wang Yikai’s condition has not improved, always rely on ventilator to sustain life, fifth times after the surgery, the doctor looked dejected on Wang Yikai’s parents said: “we can take the means nfl jerseys news of treatment are taken, the child can protect life is hard to say, even if his life is also a vegetable, you should do a good job of ideological prepared ah!” Wang Yikai’s jerseys different nfl size parents can not be reconciled, and immediately took him to Jiangsu province brain injury recovery treatment of the best Provincial People’s hospital rehabilitation treatment.

During hospitalization, Wang Yikai’s mother not only took care of Wang Yikai, he prevent muscle atrophy, bedsore, every day and talk to him, calling in his ear again and again: “I am Kai Kai, mother, mother in you! Can you hear my mother’s voice……” Actively cooperate with doctors to restore Wang Yikai’s consciousness.

Create a miracle, to rewrite the strong vegetative doom

Everything comes to him who waits。 After the doctor’s careful treatment and nursing care of Wang Yikai’s mother, more than half a year after the miracle happen again. One day in February 2006, Wang Yikai’s mother was lowering his head for his massage, suddenly heard a mutter: “Mom, I hurt!” The sound is not big, but very clear, Wang Yikai’s mother was a God, immediately realized: “son talking!” She looked up and saw her son looking at himself with his eyes open. In front of the scene so that Wang Yikai’s mother was excited, “is this true? Is that true?” She asked himself in the heart all over again, then asked his son: “Kai Kai, you talk to mom?” “Um!” Son heard the answer, Wang Yikai’s mother like a child immediately shouted: “my son I speak, my son woke up!” Crying, her tears like broken pearls rolling down……

Wang Yikai regains consciousness, know their own experience, the original cheerful he became depressed be scanty of words. The son of change, parents see in the eyes, anxious in the heart, a calm thinking, they think: “parents can not be with his son for life, to make him better, the only way is to let him.

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