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Mike is a German Sell your nfl jerseys Porsche store sales manager cheap free shipping dreams, he was smart and good at the game, with some innovative ways to attract customers, in the industry known as the “devil”. But in the last six months, due to the surrounding several new car sales shop, fierce competition, for several months, Mike’s sales continue to decline, Mike is very troublesome.

One morning, he dialed a number of customers with the intention of buying a phone call, made an appointment to visit the time. Then, he is an assistant and a photographer, with the computer and printer equipment, the new car to the first target customer’s house.

When the car drove to the door of the customer named Jon, Mike and his car. Mike is in no rush to knock on Jon’s door, but in front of the house Jon back to a circle, then a schematic assistant will be the new car to the parking place for the Jon family. Subsequently, Mike nba jerseys news ordered the photographer to take pictures authentic nfl jerseys of the house and car, and warned him: photos must look like a new car and the perfect integration of the housing effect.

In accordance with the requirements of Mike, a photographer working together, he from the angles of the car and the house of the viewfinder. A good photographer took a picture, the photographer put photos on your computer, connected to the computer through the printing on the photo printer: see white window in an ochre house before, quietly parked a brand-new black Porsche, in front of the house of the trees covered with yellow leaves falling the ground, a leaf fell in front of the car windshield, the whole picture looks so harmonious and perfect, reminiscent of the one family well-being and prosperity picture. (Mike) took photos to appreciate a lot of photographers, thumbs up. At this time, the owner of the house Jon out, Mike Jon came up with a brief talk, send the picture, and then said goodbye to Jon, a pedestrian drove to another customer’s house.

One day, Mike took his assistant to do the same thing with a new car. His move to the assistants and all the staff feel very strange, I do not know what he sold the gourd.

In the past two months, Mike did not store on the car had a net type of publicity, nor with competitors price campaigns, just 154 households have the intention of taking photographs Car Buying people. The strange thing is that Mike has earned the high success rate, 154 households, more than 30% of households have an appointment to see the car, the final turnover rate is also very high. Those who are determined to buy Mike’s car, almost all said the same words: the car is very beautiful, perhaps the most suitable for our family car.”

Look at the sales day high, employees are very surprised. Originally, this is a nfl jerseys china clever promotion means Mike thought, he has the intention of Car Buying according to people’s psychology, with a picture of the car and the fusion building perfect picture arousestheir with photos of the car beautiful desire and lenovo. Because the photos of car and house shows that the perfect collocation of harmony, abundance of artistic conception, and convince yourself who will not buy the car for the heart? Mike said meaningfully: I sell the car, but also in the hearts of the people who sell cars to the dream of a better life.”

In 1980s, a TV series called “the movie” swept the world. The protagonists lazy but capable of repeatedly successfully deal with thugs and spy, mad scientist, and even mental patients. Interestingly, the only weapon MacGyver is a Swiss Army knife, he used it to nfl jerseys for sale bomb and lock…… Such a film, Vivtorinox has brought great advertising benefits.

There is in 1983, a German astronauts aboard the space shuttle completed 72 experiments in space station. Millions of people watched his every move on the satellite. (b) but when he opened the box, he suddenly found that the wrench was not right. After the astronauts hesitated for a few seconds, calmly took out a wrench and a Swiss Army knife, with a knife hidden in the well to solve the problem. Such a broadcast, let the image of the Swiss Army knife more popular, even someone with a very loud nickname for it, called “space handyman invincible”!

It is because Vivtorinox quietly stick with grandparents left to them, to win the Swiss Army knife around the world favor, sales have been way ahead, create brilliant century.

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