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A couple in the nfl jerseys from china cafe had a quarrel and each other free shipping lemon tea of life. Then, the boy walked out, leaving only his girlfriend weeping alone. The girl confused in mind stirs the cool lemon tea cup in front of the vent like spoon mixes the fresh lemon in the cup is not peeled lemon, she has been beaten like a cup of tea, also appearing a bitter lemon peel.

The girl called the waiter, asked for a cup of peeled lemon into the bubble tea.

The waiter took a look at the girl, did not speak, took the cup she had been very turbid tea, but also to bring a cup of iced lemon tea, but the tea or lemon skin. The girl, who was already in a bad mood, got even angrier. “I said, the lemon in the tea is peeling. Don’t you hear it?” She rebuked the waiter. The waiter looked at her, his eyes bright and clear, “Miss, please don’t worry,” he said, “you know, lemon peel after full immersion after it is dissolved in bitter tea, is a fresh sweet taste, it is now all you need. So please don’t be impatient, don’t try to squeeze out all the flavor of the lemon in 3 minutes, it will only stir up the tea and make a mess.”

The girl froze for a moment, nfl jerseys online and there was a feeling of being touched. She looked into the waiter’s eyes and asked, “so, how long will it take to make the scent of lemon?”

The waiter smiled: “12 hours. 12 hours later, lemon will release all the essence of jerseys supply nfl center life, you can get a cup of delicious lemon tea to the ultimate, but you have to pay 12 hours of patience and wait.”

The waiter paused, and said: “in fact not just tea, no troubles in life, as long as you are willing to pay 12 hours of patience and waiting, you will find that things are not as bad as you think.”

The girl looked at him and said, “are you implying something?”

The waiter smiled: “I just teach you how to cook lemon tea, and you just discuss with the method of making tea can not make delicious life.” The waiter bowed and left.

Girls face a cup of lemon tea. The girl returned home after their own brew a cup of lemon tea, she cut the lemon round and thin slices, put the tea. The girl looked at the lemon cup, she saw them in breath, each cell open, glistening with dense water condensation. She was moved, she felt the life and soul of the lemon slowly sublimation, slowly release. 12 hours later, she tasted the rest of life she never drank the most wonderful, the most delicious lemon tea. The girl understood that it was because of the depth of the soul of the lemon.

The doorbell rang, the girl nfl jerseys cheap opened the door and saw the boy standing in the door, in the arms of a large holding roses jiaoyanyudi. “Can you forgive me?” He asked nana.

The girl smiled, she pulled him in, put a cup of lemon tea in front of him. “Let’s make an appointment,” said the girl. “No matter how much trouble we meet, we will not lose our temper.”

“Why would you like lemon all nfl style jerseys tea?.” The boy puzzled.

“Because we need to be patient for 12 hours.” Later, the girl will be the secret to the lemon tea to every aspect of her life, her life so happy, lively and beautiful. The girl quietly taste the wonderful taste of lemon tea, taste the taste of life.

Remember the waiter’s words: “if you want to squeeze out the lemon in 3 minutes, it will make the tea very bitter, very mixed.”

Life sentiment:

Life, such as tea, slowly and so on, carefully to taste, taste infinite.

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