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Sometimes friends The horse cheap nfl jerseys office play, found in for sale stumbled grass his desk, all the office supplies, paper clips, red and blue pencils, glue…… Are more than two boxes. My friend smiled, curious about the story of a box of staples.

He is a graduate of a famous university, admitted to a provincial organ with excellent results. At the time of his chest lofty, just want to have a bright future. Only to find out after work, nothing more than a day to do trivial things, do not need too much wisdom, but also can not see what the outcome, the enthusiasm will unknowingly cool down.

A meeting system, office all night preparing documents, his assignment is binding and envelope. The director said earnestly: “be prepared, do not be caught unprepared.”

He listened to my heart is unhappy, I thought: junior high school students will do, but also need to say this? So I don’t care. He is too lazy to help colleagues bustling about, just look at the newspaper in the next.

The document was finally completed and handed over to him. He started a binding Wholesale nfl jerseys authentic, unexpectedly only ordered a stapler click issued empty ring, book nails out. He casually pulled open staple carton, mind a: it was empty.

All the people are mobilized, everywhere somehow seemed to carry off all that one has, usually in large numbers of small things, even a moment can not find.

It was 11:30 in the morning, and the file must be made to represent the hands before the meeting at 8 tomorrow morning. The director growled, “didn’t you get ready? Even this little thing is not good, college students have a fart ah!” He only bowed, speechless, his face was like a slap in the face like the hot tingling.

After several twists and turns, until nfl jerseys online 4 in the morning when found overnight in a staples business center. Afterwards, he gray waiting usually considered by him to be reprimanded, stern and the director of be beneath the human character only said one sentence: “remember, before work, everyone is equal.” He said it was a lifetime as a word, let him deeply realize that meet the three minutes of work is not to waste is prepared, and with three mental attitude are very work, but will bring irreversible consequences.

“Because,” he said, “that is not a horse but a soft high mountains and lofty hills, grass ring; on the road to success, the real obstacle, sometimes just a little bit of neglect and contempt, for example, that a small box of staples.”

Life is our best teacher. As long as we look for it, we can find many things we need. Sometimes inspiration will come to our eyes and hearts in a flash.

It is in Knysna, an old woodcutter is explaining how to cut down trees. He pointed out that if you don’t know where the tree will fall, don’t cut it.jerseys china nfl factory “The tree is always on the side of the smaller, so if you want to fall in which direction the tree, as long as the reduction of the side of the support of the.” He said. Rock: half believe and half doubt a slight mistake, we may damage while an expensive house, the other side of a damaged brick garage.

Rock was anxious and drew a line on the ground between the two buildings. There were no chainsaws, felling trees mainly rely on the wrist strength and skill. The old loggers in hands spit up, lifted his axe and the gigantic pine tree at the bottom of one meter place cut off. His age seems to have been over sixty, but full of strength.

After about half an hour, the tree fell and avoid leaning to either side on the line, the distance from the house. Rock congratulated him down so accurate, he was a bit surprised, but did not say what. In one afternoon, he has put the tree into a neat pile of logs, and the branches cut firewood. Rock told him he will never forget his felling experience.

He lifted his axe on his shoulder and was about to turn away, but suddenly he said, “we are lucky, there is no wind.”. Always lift the wind.” The old woodcutter’s implication, Rock in a few years after a heart transplant nfl jerseys from china patients received on the autopsy report when suddenly understand. The operation was not a smooth one, and the patient’s recovery was excellent. However, everything suddenly appeared abnormal, the patient died. The autopsy report showed that the patient had a slight injury in his leg. The wound was infected with the lungs, resulting in the loss of the entire lung. The old woodcutter’s face suddenly in the mind of Rock. His voice sounded: “always lift the wind.”.” Simple things, the basic truth, need wisdom to understand. The patient’s death, the painful reminder of the work not completed. Even if the wound on the health of the people of no importance, but has taken the patient’s life.

The old woodcutter and his axe may be dead. However, he left a reprimand to Rock, Rock to be proud of for their own. Everyone with Rock will stare at the mirror in the shadow, said to myself: “we this time good luck, no wind.”

Life philosophy:

Subtle flaws may lead to significant failure, be sure to consider all the details can not be ignored.

If you are successful, don’t be too proud to say to yourself, “I will have good luck this time.”

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