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Read high school you have wholesale that year, because of family reasons, I cheap nike nfl jerseys before you fail have a high school after graduating from the coastal city to work in the factory idea. At that time I often cry in the middle of the night, nobody listened to my troubles confused, I can only hide alone sad choke. Because of my poor grades at the time, many relatives that I simply do not go to college, they said college is expensive, my mother helped me to do is not easy, not go out early to earn money. So, when I began after the entrance and the next door neighbor to work, and accept the resignation of the world ordinary and bad. But all this, there is room for maneuver.

At that time, I thought the idea of working with a young girl grew up, she said a little angry, said: if you go out to work I really look down on you. When we were young, we read books together, and you liked reading so much. Why not go to the writing? But first of all, must be trying to put this bridge across the entrance, on the other.” Because a buddy heart warming words, I began to crazy endorsement, was just thinking, no matter how the nfl jerseys news college entrance examination, the ugly daughter-in-law, rather than in the college entrance examination carefully before the endorsement of learning, fight this time, perhaps can also produce miracles. Sure enough, my pay or get the harvest.

After graduating from college, when I was the guy I met again with encouragement, she said to me the sincere words and earnest wishes such a sentence: “because the older generation had a tough life to our generation, must strive to create a good life for the next generation.” When she finished this sentence, I almost burst into tears. But I did not cry out, but to keep this in mind, to spur their own. Because I think, as a man, there is an obligation to let their loved ones live a good life.

Yes, because of suffering, because the cry, because there is no superior conditions, so I know more than ordinary family children must strive to the meaning of. Therefore, you must know this at the nfl jerseys china factory moment, and if you do not pay for fear of failure, you will not get it.

You must bear in mind that other people’s ridicule, sarcasm, blow, is to encourage you to continue the applause. You must have an eagle flying in the blue sky free heart. The eagle in order to survive, the competition is necessary, it is necessary to ride the wind and waves. But if it is not to face the groundless talk not to try to fly, then it cannot survive in this world and the law of the jungle. So, the way, even if you fail, don’t forget the eagle flying posture.

Pursuit of the ideal is like walking, you do not go this way, just a long wait and see, you will never see another piece of heaven. There is hope, pay will be harvested. If you do not dare to leave because of the distance, if you can not see the future and do not want to work hard, then why do you have a dream. Don’t say you have a lot of dreams, you first need to be in front of the road how to start, how to get, how to avoid the obstacles on the road.


Some time ago, and a high school friend to eat together, he in the city of a key high school reading. When dinner chat, I asked him why, when your winter vacation every day to come out and play in Internet cafes playing games, playing arcade games, bar, karaoke, but you also learn so well? He touched his head, smiled and said: “nike nfl mlb jerseys I do things very decisive, do today. And I don’t tell anyone when I’m studying hard at night. I pretend it doesn’t matter, but I work harder than anyone else because I’m trying to be a pilot. Also, I believe that life is only today, I never talk about what nonsense yesterday and tomorrow.”

Yes, you can only work hard for your dream today. Tomorrow is hope, hope is, can let you in a light place to run. But you can have and hold, just today. Maybe life is not always the perfect in every respect, the forever glorious and resplendent is what you have to do so, today, before failure can have more efforts, more efforts, rather than as an excuse to study hard to get it tomorrow. In addition, you pay in the process, don’t always mind I want to harvest what return I get in return have much value. All pay, have harvest. But if you always calculate the harvest and return, always worried about how long to get the return, so it will make you lose yourself, and even very difficult to get a good return. Remember, do not forget the beginning of cheap nfl jerseys online the heart.

We all have dreams, and the power of dreams is great. But if we are dreaming everyday fantasy style, I will how to read and not successful in the official career, learning, so in today, this is only a dream, just a dream will not come true. Because you didn’t work hard today. For example, you have seed, but you do not go to reclaim fertilization, do not work hard watering, you will never get the harvest. Society is the reality, not the whole sky to shout slogans about success, unless you are beautiful, rich handsome, otherwise don’t always in a dream fantasy. If you work hard, you will have to take the time to do what you want to do today.

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