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Tsar Nicola I put Ridicule not nfl jerseys down a rebellion led by Liberal china for promotion keep silence leader Lee Leo Jef and sentenced to death. When hanging at the beginning, Li Aliyev in a column with the rope after the break, he suddenly fell on the ground. At the time, things like this would be regarded as God, prisoners usually will be forgiven.

Li Aliyev column stood up, toward the crowd shouted: “you see, they are not even making ropes.”

A courier immediately went to the palace to report hanging the news of the defeat, and said: “Your Majesty, Li column Aliyev said:” you see, they are not even making ropes. “” Hearing this, the czar said, “well, let us prove the contrary.” The second day, Lee column Aliyev once again pushed the gallows. This time the rope did not break.

You must be as foolish Aliyev cheap nike nfl jerseys Li lie and laugh, without thinking, or similar things may happen in your body. Consider whether you have to try to be brave and aggressive words that said.

You should understand that if you want to use words to deter others, the more you say, the more mediocre, and the more you can not control the overall situation. At the same time, the more you speak, the nfl jerseys different size more likely you are to say stupid things.

If you say less than you need, it will make you look great and powerful. Because your silence will make other people uncomfortable, and who is the pursuit of interpretation and interpretation of the machine, they want to know what you want, if you carefully controlled to reveal the message, they can not perceive your intentions.

With the help of words to get people to do what you wish is usually not feasible, they will only be against you because of your eccentricity, destroy your desire, do not obey you. So, in most areas of life, the less you say, the more mysterious. When you learn to shut your mouth, you actually have a chance to have power.

Please remember: once the words out, it can not be recovered. Control your words carefully, sarcastic words, short meet you get from the needle in the sense of far less than the price you pay.

“The” Out of the mouth comes evil. He that talks much errs much. “,” all police training in today still bears witness to its value, not a reason for it.

The early Ming training: “words hurt more than swords.” Many people used to make fun of others for fun, is also part of a variety show host, dubbed failed to pass in the competition of the guests “stupid”, or ridicule the game looks ugly”. Although some of them belong to the fun in nature, but always let people feel wrong, after all “sarcastic ridicule” and “unkind” criticism, leaving the listener unhappy; therefore, the ancients said: “the funeral of dead body, speech accounted for eight points, if there is truth in it, which is really have to be careful.

Paris has a “writer” delicacy column, often in the special praise in a restaurant, or restaurant dishes some serious criticisms. Once this columnist in the column of a restaurant dishes jerseys direct nfl supply made “like hogwash” comments, which angered the restaurant owner. The boss later invited the delicacy columnist to try to eat delicate delicious food, but eating delicacy experts face big change, faint in the ground, to the hospital when the vast dead. The restaurant owner was arrested by the police arrested, confessed “poison feast” poison, he said: “our critics are damn delicacy like poison!” This is really “columnist” be struck dumb, they write can be careful, as you speak as if the words were too sarcastic ridicule, criticism too much, may also get into trouble”.

We can often see in the film that there is a house called a prison in the prison, which is used to punish disobedient prisoners. The room is not only very narrow, but the most important thing is that you can’t see the sun, and no one is talking to you, so you stay quiet for two weeks or more. In fact, normal people even in nfl jerseys online closed day will be miserable. Because the nature of life is to exclude the darkness and silence, silence makes people feel that there is no dependence, sometimes really can make people crazy, so people often can not sink.

Because of this, many good at the psychological warfare of the master will often use the “Silence” this card to combat opponents, but also often use it to achieve the purpose.

Taiwan has a boss in the printing industry, after years of running the idea of retirement. He bought a batch of printing machines from the United States, after a few years of use, the deduction of the cost of wear should be $2 million 500 thousand worth. He made up his mind in the heart, when selling the machine, must not be less than 2 million 500 thousand of the price to sell. There is a buyer at the time of the negotiations, the various problems of the machine for a long time to talk about a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies, which makes the printing industry boss is very angry. But when he was just want to attack, suddenly remember 2 million 500 thousand yuan price, then calm down, looking at the people not to utter a single word, keep off the reel. In the end, the man had no power to speak, suddenly jumped out of a sentence: “Hey, man, I see you this machine I can give you up to 3 million 500 thousand yuan, more than we do not really want to.” As a result, the boss is very fortunate to earn more than 1 million yuan more than the plan.

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