Dream is wholesale new NFL jerseys for father

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My cousin, after graduating from college, in her father’s “efforts”, enter the town only a junior high school, when the math teacher. Her father is the Chinese teacher of the middle school. They, from the Dream is wholesale father and daughter into a colleague. However, this is not the first cousin of pleasure. She doesn’t love the town, because it’s too cold out; she did not love the town’s youth, they do nothing, just waiting for the new NFL jerseys for father demolition, and then took a large sum of compensation in resettlement housing, a wife. She said to me: in the town, one can look at the end of their own future. In her father’s office, the chair that had been almost “gone” is the proof. She was going to kill her youth on her own chair.

At that time, I have not yet graduated, the future is confused. I Authentic Nike Bengals Jerseys am not qualified to give her advice, just to comfort her: work you do it first, after all, it is an iron rice bowl, there is the preparation, work easily, income stability. She promised. Every half a month, she would call me so much that she thought she was a “invisible” girlfriend. We talk for a long time, we have to talk for an hour or more before we knew it. She kept complaining to me new NFL jerseys — a naughty student, wonderful colleagues, parents difficult, boring work. I advised her, adjust the mentality, try to like their own work. She said she tried to do it, but she can’t do it. She finally decided to graduate. I asked her: what is the entrance exam for?

She replied: the only way to leave the town is safe. Yes, postgraduate success, her father could not stop her to continue the study, can justifiably resign from the school, can leave the deserted town, can new NFL jerseys go to the bustling world, to find reliable young love. She announced her decision to her family. Not surprisingly, family opposition, relatives are hard to persuade her – do not give up a copy of the other people do not want to seek a good job. They kidnapped her in the name of “love” and imprisoned her. They kept pouring cold water, they used the “language of violence” to her. She has covered all over with cuts and bruises, suffer in silence.

She began to review, using all her spare time. After work, nest in the dorm, stay at home. As summer goes and winter comes, never stopped. The most difficult is the exam two months. The cold comes, the family does not support, it is the destruction of the heart of the cold. She phoned me to complain to me, I can only say something neither painful nor itching comforting new NFL jerseys words won’t help her. I can do, can only wait for her message. She got her way. Everything is very smooth, second years, she went to a year-round warm place, graduate. Summer vacation home, I saw her. She doesn’t look very happy. Speaking of the future, she was plain.

I said: your dreams are realized, should be happy to. She said: I also think so, but I do not know why, is not happy, just like eating instant noodles in the fast dry vegetables, although it seems that way, but the taste has changed. Why, clearly realize the dream, get what you want, but it new NFL jerseys can not be happy? Because in the dream in the process, we have suffered obstacles, suffered against others, suspicion, misunderstanding and ridicule, so we feel tired heart. The pursuit of pain, after the elimination of the happiness.

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