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Jo Gilad, the Learn to be china nike nfl jerseys president of the United States, had wholesale a good listener a deep experience. Once a famous man came to buy a car from him, and he recommended the best model for him. That person is very satisfied with the car, and $10000 in cash, soon to be traded, the other suddenly changed their mind.

Joe was annoyed by the matter for a whole afternoon. At 11 in the evening he couldn’t help calling the man: “hello! This is Jo Gilad. I introduced you to a new car this afternoon. When you were about to buy it, you suddenly left”

“Hey, do you know what time it is?”

“I’m very sorry, I know it’s 11 o’clock in the evening, but I review one afternoon, don’t think he is wrong in where, so specifically call to you for advice.”


“The words from the bottom of the heart.”

“Very well! Are you listening to me?”

“Very attentively.”

“But you didn’t listen to me nba jerseys news this afternoon. Just before the signing, I mentioned that my Jimmy is about to enter the University of Michigan Medical read, I also mentioned his academic achievement, athletic ability nfl jerseys from china and his future ambitions, I am proud of him, but you have no response.”

Joe doesn’t remember that the other guy said that because he didn’t even notice. Joe that have settled the deal, he is in no mood to listen to what is being said, but after listening to another salesman in the office to tell jokes. This is the reason for Joe’s failure: the man needs to be praised for a good son, in addition to buying a car.

A dinner sponsored by Carle in New York publisher Green Bo, met a famous botanist. Carle had never talked with the botanist, Carle found that he is very interesting. Carle sat on the edge of the chair, listening to him talk about marijuana, India, and the garden. He also told Carle some amazing facts about potatoes. Carle had an indoor garden – he was so kind and patient to teach Carle how to solve some of the problems of plant growth.

A few hours later, midnight came and Carle said goodbye to everyone. The botanist then turned to their master, said a few words in praise of Carle. He is the most interesting person. In the end, he says, Carle is “the most interesting writer.””.

One of the most interesting speakers? Carle? He almost did not say what; if Carle wants to speak and not to change the subject, he could not say what, because Carle plants, like penguins as utterly ignorant of anatomy. But Carle did it: listen attentively. Because Carle was genuinely interested in his conversation, and he could feel it. Naturally, it makes him happy. Listening attentively to others is the greatest compliment we can give to others. Jack Uffe wrote in “the stranger in love”: “very few people can listen attentively to others implied praise.” Carle not only listen to his speech, Carle also “honesty in the recognition of wide praise”.

What is the secret of a successful business meeting? According to Charles Irit, a kindly scholar, “there is nothing mysterious about successful business talks…… It is very important to pay attention to the person who is talking to you.”

Obviously, you don’t have 4 years of Harvard University to find this point. But as we all know, some businessmen will rent expensive places, capable purchase their goods, the shop decoration beautifully, spent a lot of advertising, but some do not know how to listen to others speak the clerk Clerk – interrupt the guests, argue with people, give people embarrassed, so only the guests away.

In Morton’s experience as nfl jerseys china an example. He recounted his experience:

He is a department store in Newark City, New Jersey, bought a suit, the suit that he was not satisfied with the coat fade; stained his shirt collar. He took his suit back authentic nfl jerseys to the store and found the clerk who had sold it to him. He tried to tell the story, but was interrupted by the clerk. The clerk said, “we sold several of these suits. You were the first one to complain.”

This is what he said, but his tone was even worse, and his aggressive tone was equal to saying, “you are lying, hum! I’ll give you some color to see see.”

In this fierce quarrel, second staff chipped in, he said: “all the dark suit, because the color of the relationship, the beginning will fade color, there is no way, so it is the price of the suit.”

“This time I have been angry,” Mr Morton describes it, “the first of my honest clerk wonder, second that I buy is inferior goods. I was so big that I was trying to get them to hell, when suddenly, the manager of the Department of clothing came up. He’s got a lot of hands. He changed my attitude. He made an angry man into a satisfied customer. Here’s what he did: “first, he listened to me from the beginning to the end of the story, without saying a word.

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