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There was a salesman Multiple online shop of nfl jerseys who was known for his manufacturing needs ability to sell anything. He has been sold to the dentist a toothbrush to Baker a loaf of bread, a television to the blind…… But his friend said to him: “only sell a moose mask, you be a good salesman.”

So, the salesman traveled to the north, there is only one moose live in the forest. “Hello!” His first moose encounter and said, “you will need a gas mask.”

“The air is so fresh, what do I want it to do?!” Moose said.

“Now everyone has a gas mask.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t need it.”

“Wait a minute,” said the salesman. “You’ll need one soon.” He began to build a plant in the central forest moose live. “You’re crazy!” His friend said. Otherwise. I just want to sell a moose mask.”

When the factory was built, a lot of poisonous waste gas came out of the Wholesale nfl jerseys authentic big chimney. Soon, the moose is the salesman came to the Department, he said: “now I need a gas mask.”

“That’s exactly what I think.” The salesman said they sold to a moose. “That’s a good thing!” Moose said excitedly.

Moose said: “the other moose now also need a gas mask, do you have?”

“You’re lucky. I’ve got thousands.”

“But what does your factory produce?” The moose asked curiously.

“Gas mask.” The salesman answered excitedly and concisely.

Demand is sometimes made out to nfl jerseys news solve the contradictions of the master is often the first to create contradictions.

There is a very good benefit of large companies, in order to expand the size of the business, decided to hire a high marketing director. Advertising a dozen out, applicants gathered.

In the face of many candidates, who is responsible for the recruitment and said: “horses than race, in order to select high-quality personnel, we have a practical question: trying to comb as much as possible to the monk.”

Most of the candidates feel puzzled, and even anger: a monk to comb what? It is not clear who would take? They have only three go off in a huff, a candidate: A, B and C.

Person in charge: 10 days to limit, then report to me sales results.”

10 date to.

The person in charge asked: “how much to sell?” Answer: “1.” “How to sell?” A story through the lobby hard, monk should buy a comb, no effect, but also brutally monk scold, fortunately met a little monk on the way down the side of the sun, while hard scratching the scalp. A good, handed the comb, the young monk with full of joy, then bought a.

The person in charge asked: “how much to sell?” Answer: “10.” “How to sell?” B said he went to a famous temple, due to the high mountain wind, pilgrims hair blown, he found the abbot of the monastery is the Buddha said: “with dishevelled hair and a dirty face of jerseys different nfl color disrespect. In each temple before the incense table put a wooden comb, comb hair for men and women.” The abbot adopted his suggestion. The mountain has ten temples, and bought 10 comb.

Q: how much do you sell?” Answer: “1000.” Person in charge said: “how to sell?” C he said to a prestigious, incense very busy mountains baosha, pilgrims, donor in a continuous line. C the abbot said: “every pilgrimage to visitors, with a pious heart, baosha should be back to do to commemorate, bless the good luck, encourage them to do more good deeds.

I have a batch of comb, your calligraphy Chaoqun, engraved “Jishan comb” three words, can be a gift.” The abbot of exultation, Li bought 1000 comb. “The donor and the pilgrims Jishan comb” is also very happy, a mass ten, ten hundred, pilgrims more and more flourishing incense.

Sell bonze wooden comb, it sounds really some fantastic, but different thinking, different china nike nfl jerseys salesmanship, have different results. It’s a real marketing expert to develop new markets where people don’t think it’s possible.

At that time, the radio invited a business wizards to do a guest host, hoping to listen to him talk about the success of the road, in order to help the development of the audience. But he just a faint smile, said: “or a question test you.”

“Somewhere found a gold mine, so people like a swarm of bees to hold to mine. However, a river blocked the way, if it is you, what would you do?”

“By the way, it’s time.” Some people say.

“Swim in the past.”

But he did not smile, when people talk about the sound, he said: “why must go to gold? Why don’t you buy a boat to run?”

The audience stunned.

He said: “in that case, you are killing the passengers only a pair of shorts, they will willingly! Because there’s a gold mine!”

Develop diverse thinking, consider using a variety of methods to solve a problem, not only can increase the pleasure to dull life, but also can make the problem at the same time, the mood smoothly done or easily solved, we will become extremely happy! In in in in

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