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The standard Don’t let cheap wholesale nfl jerseys distance between the two the two horse’s ass tracks of the American railway is about four feet and eight point five inches. This is a very strange standard, exactly where it comes from? This is the British railway standard, and the United States railway was originally built by the british. So why did the British use the four – foot, eight – inch standard? The original British railway was designed by the people who built the tram, which is the standard used by the tram.

Where is the tram track standard?

The first man who made the electric car was used to build a carriage, and they used it as a standard.

Well, then why use this carriage a standard track? If at that time the carriage with any other track if the wheels of the wagon will soon crash in England on the old road. Why? Because the road rut width is four feet eight inches.

The rut is come from? The answer is the ancient romans. Because Europe, including nfl jerseys online Britain, the old road is by the Rome for its troops, so four feet and eight inches is the width of the Rome chariot. If a man is driving on these roads with different wheel width, his wheels will not be long.

We ask, why did the Romans with four feet and eight inches for chariot nfl jerseys Free Shipping track width?

The reason is very simple, this is the two chariot horses ass trace width.

Wait, that’s not the end of the story.

The next time you see on TV in the U.S. space shuttle on the launch pad when you look at the majestic note it on both sides of the fuel tank of the two rocket boosters (SOLIDROCKETBOOSTERS), the propeller is composed of a company called THIOKOL in Utah, the factory provided. If possible, the engineers of the company would like to build a larger number of these thrusters, so that the capacity can be larger. But they can’t do that. Why? Because the booster was built after the launch point shipped from the factory to the train, on the road to the tunnel through which the width of the tunnel is better than the train track width a little, but we don’t forget the train track width is set by the width of the horse’s ass……

Therefore, we can assert that the design of the most advanced transportation system in the world today may have been determined by the width of the two horses that had been made about two thousand years ago. And if the two horses have gone through thousands of years of history, is it as wide as that?

Fantastic? Look around, how many things are “yesterday is now and not”.

The industrial society requires employees to punch the clock because the factory workers in the production can begin to On your marks. But the sales or sales staff required punch sign, but never thought about sitting in the company’s sales staff is no productivity of sales staff.

“Do more, talk less, manage yourself, do not nosy” is the true saying the old industrial production line. But the inside organization requires teamwork is absolutely the retroaction of poison.

In order to prevent the Asian jerseys factory nfl supply Qatar Football Association to recruit foreign aid, maintenance of fair competition, FIFA had to add a online shop of nfl jerseys can limit the Brazil player Elton joined the team in the new provisions of Qatar Zhang Chengzhong: future players for the prerequisite for a country’s national team is to live in the country for more than two years.

Think about how many of the things you do every day are meaningless in today’s business world Which statements? What meeting? What etiquette? What do you do? Means? X x

Life motto:

Born in today’s world, we really should reflect on their own. What we perceive as behoove thoughts, habits, behavior, and may hinder the pace of our progress has become outdated customs and bad habits.

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