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Sun Tzu said Know thyself nfl jerseys: “know thyself, know yourself online free shipping yourself.” The “friend” and “know” compared to “knows” is more important. And opponents of life and death against each other, this one is more important. A great fighter is not about his opponent. To do a “prophet”, the best way is to stand on the other side of the view. An important reason for failure is that they never know how to stand on the other side.

Konosuke Matsushita, who founded the famous Panasonic company, summed up an important life experience in the process of doing business.

There are always many differences between people. Konosuke Matsushita always want to shorten the wholesale nfl jerseys time to communicate with each other, improve the efficiency of the talks, but it has been a waste of time because of the existence of different views, can not say together. He knew that each other is good business people do not want to hurt each other. At the age of 23, he was told a story about the rights of prisoners. He finally came to realize a philosophy of life. With this philosophy, he and his partner in the negotiations by leaps and bounds, and everyone is willing to work with him, but also willing to be his friend.

Panasonic can not read in a primary school in the hands of rural youth jerseys nfl online, the rapid growth of the world’s leading companies, and this philosophy of life has a great relationship.

This philosophy is simple: stand on the other side of the problem.

The story is like this:

A prisoner was in solitary confinement. Authorities have taken away his shoelaces and belts. They don’t want him to hurt himself. The unfortunate man carrying trousers with his left hand, in a cell in the blues to and fro. He carried his trousers, not only because he had lost his belt, but also because he had lost 15 pounds. Under the gate in food scraps, he refused to eat. But now, when he touched his ribs, he picked up a Marlboro flavor. The Marlboro brand he love.

Through a small window on the door, he saw the lonely porch guards deeply absorb a smoke, and then he spit

Out. The prisoner was eager for a cigarette, so he knocked on the door with his right finger.

The guard came slowly and said, “what do you want?”

The prisoner replied, “excuse me, please give me a cigarette…… Is that: you smoked marlboro.”

The guard mistakenly assumed that the prisoner had no right, so he gave a mock laugh and turned away.

The prisoner did not see his situation. He thought he had a choice, and he was willing to take a chance on his judgment. This time, his attitude was dignified.

The guard, with a puff of smoke, turned his head angrily and asked, “what do you want?”

The prisoner replied, “I’m sorry, please give me your cigarette in 30 seconds. Otherwise, I will use this head into the concrete wall, until get lost so badly mutilated. If the prison authorities get me out of the floor and wake me up, I swear you did it. Of course, they’ll never believe me. But, think you must attend each hearing, you must to each hearing board that you are cheap nfl jerseys innocent; think you must fill out three copies of the report; think you will be involved in the event. All of these are just because you refused to give me a bad marlboro! Just one cigarette, I promise I won’t give you any more trouble.”

From the window in the guard handed him a cigarette? Of course give. Did he order the prisoner? Of course. Why? Because the guard immediately understood the pros and cons.

The prisoner was able to see through the soldier’s position and taboo, or his weakness, and thus met his own request for a cigarette.

Mr. Konosuke Matsushita immediately associate himself: if I stand in each other’s position to see the problem, can not know what they are thinking, want to get what, do not want to lose what?

Just to change the idea, to learn to stand on the other side of the position to see the problem, Mr. Matsushita immediately got a pleasure – to find a happy truth. Later, he taught this experience to every employee of panasonic.

Put yourself in the position nba jerseys news of the other side, you will find that you become others mind, he thought, like the bogey, into your line of sight. In all kinds of communication, you can take time for either hand, reached out to understand each other, or prevent evil trick. Go to master: the other is good for our good, once you know what the other strokes, probably to iose.

Of course, too many people do not know how to use this rule, which is a major cause of their failure in life. But, maybe they didn’t know, because do not know how to stand on each other’s position on the issue, they lost a lot of chances to succeed, because there is no one to teach them. In in in in

Life motto:

In fact, we are very clear: standing on the other side of the view, the art of war “is the enemy

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