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This is the last Knowledge wholesale nike nfl jerseys day of a university in the free shipping has no limit eastern United States for the final examination. On the steps of the building, a group of engineering seniors huddled together and were discussing the exam to begin in a few minutes. It was their last test before graduation and work.

Some people are talking about the jobs they have now found; others are talking about the jobs they will get. With 4 years of college education, they feel confident that they are ready and able to conquer the world.

They knew that the upcoming nba jerseys news test would be over soon, because the professor had said they could bring any books or notes they wanted. Only one request, that they cannot talk to each other during the test time.

They rushed into the classroom. The professor handed out the papers. When the students noticed that there were only 5 types of comments, the smile on their faces was more vivid.

3 hours later, the professor began to collect papers. The students no longer looked confident, and their faces were frightened. No one speaks. The professor faced the whole class in his hand.

He looked down the worried faces the face, then asked: “5 questions: how many people are there?” No hand held up. “What are the 4 questions?” Still no one raised their hands. “The 3 question nfl jerseys for sale?” The students began to feel uneasy in my seat. “What about the problem?”

But the whole classroom was silent.

“That’s exactly what I expected.” The professor said, “I just want to impress you. Even though you have completed 4 years of engineering, there are still a lot of things you don’t know about the subject. These questions that you cannot answer are associated with everyday life practice.” Then he added with a smile, “you will all pass this course, but remember that even though you are now college graduates, your study is still just beginning.” As time went by, the professor’s name had been forgotten, but the lesson he taught was not forgotten.

Not interested in learning, or is too busy to read the book, will eventually be eliminated by the torrent of the times. That is if you don, either.

Ford car king young, served as clerk in a machine shop, pay only $2.05, but he has every week to spend $2.03 to buy the mechanical aspects of the book. When he got married, he had nothing but a whole bunch of nfl jerseys from china mechanical magazines and books. These books, so that Ford has long been yearning for him to move forward the mechanical world, to create a great cause. Ford has said: after achieve success and win recognition, “for the young people, the knowledge and skills needed to learn to make money in the future, far more important than the storage property.”

Book is the evergreen tree of wisdom! Read it well, is also a kind of full of planting. Planting a slice of life sustenance; planted a summer shade; planted a nocturnal light; and a vision of life…… If you lose it, life goes

To become desolate. In life, there will be another kind of soil erosion — the vast desert, shaking their ignorance of the dog’s tail grass, thinking conceal information waves, time will also lose gorgeous color! Book, is the key, it can open many mysteries of the door; book, is authentic nfl jerseys a guide, it can guide people to step out of many errors, into the brilliant.

It has been proved that the most successful people are often self educated or self educated. Self education is not good for personal growth. Published “evolution” Darwin said: “I learned the most valuable is full of themselves and study hard to learn.”

Life motto:

What is valuable to us is not the fact that we have read in school, but the attitude to study. Learning, can be determined to learn, can become a talent, learning, never stop.

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