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The dog black eyes Inspirational all style like electricity, full of of nfl jerseys to blame spirit, majestic-looking, every screening suspect always makes you guilty up a thief. The first training, the trainers with a loud cry, sunspot soon lost its mouth to out of the secret, and then to stand the crowd ran, without much effort, is held in the mouth of the thief”. Sunspots excited looked at the handler, waiting for. But the trainer but shook her head to say: “no sunspots! Not him! Then find!”

Sunspots greatly surprised, confused eyes flashed the light. The usual absolute faith in the handler, and make it turn to a more cautious identification. Professional told sunspots, it is right! So the thief was again put out. But the handler is not allow all doubt. “! Then find!”

Sunspot hesitation staring at the handler, turned back to take longer to olfactometry. nfl jerseys news Finally, it is still on the “thief” side, to the handler looked: he is firm! Not someone else!

“No! Absolutely not!” The trainer shouted, facial expression is also serious.

Sunspot confidence was defeated, he believed that the trainers believe in yourself more than. He gave up the thief to find someone else. But not right! Smell can not fool the sunspot. It paced cheap authentic nfl jerseys anxiously, in everyone’s feet are parked for a while, suddenly son hurriedly olfactometry, son suddenly turning his head to the trainer’s eyes peep…… At last, it put a “fake thief” to carry out according to the trainer’s eye.

The handler together with those people laughing. Sunspot confused, Leng on the spot. After that, the trainer told: “you are on the spot, which is wrong in not insist.”

When the sunspots understand that this is a hoax, it is extremely painful “Oh” sound, a few drops of tears to flow out, the world suddenly lost its luster. An absurd world with no rules, no right or wrong, smashing all its beliefs. Perhaps the handler just wanted to test the sunspots, perhaps this is just a joke, but, since then, no longer trust sunspot trainers, do not trust anyone, no longer look like electricity, no longer ran as the wind, no more majestic-looking no longer look at fiercely as a tiger does……

This leads to our leadership. As a manager, your beliefs and judgments are likely to affect the journey of your subordinates.

Between managers and managers, there is a kind of invisible atmosphere, an accident will be staged sunspots. Sometimes in the eyes of the manager, the manager represents justice, order and truth. If the management behavior out of the lattice, joke over the fire, when really false, false is true, will give managers a misleading, he does not know what is true and what is false, he has lost the authenticity of the standard measure. Managers in the management’s image will be greatly reduced, speak inconsistent words and deeds, not subject to changing moods at the appropriate time, give praise and punishment right, it will not only hurt the manager to work with confidence, sometimes even change his positive attitude towards life.

Managers ah, please use your power, you must not use the power to make fool of your subordinates!

As a manager you own mood no matter good or bad, will inevitably be reflected in the work for you the subordinate body. You have to control the nfl jerseys online emotions, don’t let emotions control you.

After Chonger ascended the throne, some princes refused to surrender to his country. The country is small, but that is before the closure Jun Zhou Wenwang son, how willing to admit return from abroad as their overlord Chonger escape? So provoking, making trouble; jinwengong to quell the unrest, complete dominance, decided against china.

Before the war, jinwengong personally deploy combat plan, to soldiers in combat before mobilization, and his soldiers agreed: “according to our military forces and the Chinese fighting strength, we can be quick. In 7 days, surrendered to china.”

The course of the war was unexpected. Chinese soldiers in the face of strong, brave and tenacious Jin, calmly, although they suffered heavy casualties,jerseys nfl at best discount feeding difficulties, but there is still a desperate battle of momentum.

7 days deadline has arrived, the country is still very stubborn. Jinwengong to keep his promise, he firmly issued evacuation orders.

China has seen nearly ruin, officers have to jinwengong voice, request to hold on, everybody said: “as long as 3 days, Chinese troops will completely collapse, only surrender surrender road.”

In the face of the original in an impasse, the officers have Qingzhan situation, jinwengong said firmly: “a promise is to keep a promise inviolate, prosperous national treasure, also the army can really treasure in an invincible position, in order to overcome the original country and lose so valuable things, we make it? Are we worth it?”

This battle jinwengong although not use force to conquer, but he kept his promise of fame keep a promise inviolate, has spread to many countries around.

Second years, Jin sent troops to attack china. This time he agreed with the soldiers and released: “we must adhere to the end, to complete the conquest and the purpose of the original country and then return.”

The Chinese people heard of this agreement, jinwengong know not to not give up, so the sky has not yet opened surrendered. in addition

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