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An old man has a The direction cheap nfl jerseys sense of justice, a day from china the wind in the morning, he saw a young man who was the housing intermediary advertising tied to a tree, he politely asked: “Sir, do you know that the tree house advertisement, shortly before the cleaning team had just cleaned up?”

“Know ah!” The young man returned with displeasure.

“Since I know, why continue to tie these ads? It is illegal to destroy the city!”

After listening to the young man, still continue to tie the ad, not to mention his head, said: not to earn two money.”

“Do you just make a few money for yourself, you can break the law to destroy the environment, to fight against the law enforcement?” Old gentleman righteousness

Strictly speaking.

“Illegal? Oh, anything illegal. Many rich people is not the same as illegal parking!” supply replica nfl jerseys Young people answer.

“You mean, ‘to break the law, we’re breaking the law.'”! So what do we hope for in our all style of nfl jerseys country?”

“There’s no hope!” The young man finished, crossed the motorcycle, and rushed to the front of another tree to tie the ad.

“There’s no hope!”

This story may seem funny, but people sad: a society without hope, a young man without hope, how poor, terrible things!

Some of the trees, although the appearance of haggard, but in the winter to spring, the branches still try to fight their leaves”! Picking up old Wang Guanying, although every day picking up trash and junk, but he still has “to build a library for the benefit of students” goal and hope!

However, some young people, every day to take drugs, gambling, robbery…… Don’t want to “live”, a day to day; perhaps one day, he suddenly found: “hey…… How did I die?”

In fact, no goals, no fighting, not angry to live, with the dead is nothing like two! There is a famous saying: “the direction of the tree is determined by the wind, the direction of their own decisions.” Yes, maybe no one is our enemy; our real enemy is yourself “lazy, slack, no direction, I go to the end” to the heart, I do not know ah!

If someone asks, “if you want to be successful, please raise your hand!” I believe most people will raise their hands. But if asked: “those who want to endure hardship, please raise your hand!” I believe many people will not raise their hands.

Many people do not have the initiative, adventure, they do not like to set goals for themselves, but also do not want to endure hardship, just want to enjoy

The moon “. However, there are few shortcuts to success! Maybe someone is “lift” lucky but we cannot expect to be successful in the official career, everyone has such good luck! We’d better keep our feet on the ground. And take the stairs, also have to tell myself largest discount nfl jerseys is “young”, I have the “ideal target”; “there is probably a fluke, but definitely not buried forever”, “I must not be buried, I will succeed!”

Indeed, we may not choose the nfl jerseys online right of birth “, but we absolutely have the right to change the living environment”; when we can determine their own destiny, not the fate in the hands of others!

“High mountain, higher! Long road, longer legs!” As long as we have faith and perseverance, we can change our destiny and make our dreams come true! X x

Life motto:

“The direction of the tree is determined by the wind, and the direction of the person is decided by himself.” When we put the fate in the hands of others or just drift, in fact, you can not find the direction of life. Without the direction of life, definitely not a wonderful life!

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