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The rabbit Six classic nfl jerseys writes an article in front of the cave from china understand human nature. The wolf came up and asked, “what are you writing?” Rabbit: “how to eat the wolf rabbit.” Wolves do not believe, then the rabbit led the wolf into the cave. After a while, the rabbit out of the cave alone, continue to write articles.

The boar came up and asked, “what are you writing?”

Rabbit: “how to eat a wild boar rabbit.”

Wild boar not letter, then the rabbit and the boar into the cave.

Finally, in the cave, a lion in a pile of bones and the wolf boar’s head with bones, tick the teeth, read the rabbit to it – “the size of the staff ability, the key to see who you do”.


A person is not what you do, is who you do; not how much effort you pay, how big is your platform. The most important thing in life is to choose. The choice of mistakes, and so much effort is supply replica nfl jerseys wasted. If you want to choose the right one, you need to nfl jerseys online know the background of your platform and boss.

Second set

The rabbit spread his story to his friend, and the news spread in the forest. The lion was very angry. “If I don’t have any food this week, I’ll eat you.”.”

So the rabbits continued to write articles in the hole, the deer came: “what are you writing?”

Rabbit: “how to eat the wolf rabbit.”

The deer said: “this whole thing forest all know, you play it?”

The rabbit said: “it is because the whole forest knows, I have retired, said the lion looking for someone to replace me, don’t you want to take this job?” The deer finally could not resist the temptation, follow the rabbit into the hole.

After a while, the rabbit out of the cave alone, continue to write articles. The pony came and the same thing happened.

In the cave, a lion with the tick the teeth, read the rabbit to it: “sales staff how to create benefits for the development of offline boss”.


Do not reveal your secrets, once leaked, must be effective appropriate remedial measures; employees must continuously create value for the boss, when you give the boss contribution value is less than the value you enjoy, that is when you leave the.

Third set

The bigger the lion, the food of the rabbit is far from enough. He told the rabbit: “I will double the amount of food, the original 4 days a deer, now cheap price for nfl jerseys to 2 days a week, if you can’t change the situation I will eat you.”

So, the rabbit left the hole, ran into the depths of the forest, he saw a goat: “do you believe that rabbits can easily eat the wolf?” The goat does not believe, then the rabbit took the goat into the cave.

After a while, the rabbit went out of the cave and went deep into the forest.

This time he met a wild boar, and the same thing happened. The animals in the depths of the forest did not know the story of the rabbit and the lion.

Finally, in the cave, a lion with picking her teeth, read the rabbit to it: “how to realize the transformation from the shopkeeper to salesmen”.


Constantly open up new markets cheap nfl jerseys, and constantly tap new business model is a good way to open the deadlock. When you can’t think of a way to solve the problem, go out!

Fourth set

As time went by, the lion fell asleep for a long time. One day, the lion decided to go for a walk, suddenly found the hole size, its body cannot go out.

The rabbit stood at the entrance of the cave, said proudly: “in the future, you have to listen to me, or do not want me to get you to eat.”

The lion said helplessly, “ok! Just give me something to eat.”

At this time, the lion found new paper rabbit – “strategic height: on the rabbit is how to take the lion”.


The design of a comfortable place for the lion, the lion’s help to improve their influence, in the forest of humiliation, eventually put the control in your hands, all the pay is worth it.

Fifth set

The rabbit is getting more and more popular in the forest. Everyone knows that its boss is very powerful, and the boss has to listen to it.

So, the rabbit began to run amuck, bully bully. Finally one day, the hunter came alive, rabbit, and posted a note on the “strong and strong in hand.”


He can not be carried away.

Sixth set

The restoration of the forest in the past quiet, rabbit eat wolf story seems to be forgotten.

It was a long time before a young tiger heard the story and inspired it. So he grabbed an antelope and said, “if you can bring me food like a rabbit, I will not eat you.”

Antelope tiger agreed, carefree and content into the cave. But three days passed, and there was no sign of an animal.

It really can not hold up, come out to see, antelope had run away, leaving only an article on the ground – “want to do a good job boss, we must know how to retain employees”.


The same business model is not for everyone. As time goes by, the opportunity cost is increasing, and the old experience is transplanted into the environment.

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