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There was a young order lowest price cheap nike nfl jerseys monk who was responsible live in the present for cleaning the fallen leaves in the temple every morning. Is a chore to get up early in the morning to sweep the leaves, especially in autumn and winter, every time when the wind blows, the wind fluttering leaves. It takes a lot of time every morning to clean up the leaves, which makes the little monk headache. He always wanted to find a good way to relax himself.

Later, a monk said to him: “you should shake the tree before tomorrow, and shake down all the fallen leaves.” The little monk thought it was a good idea, so the next day he got up early and shook the tree so hard that he could sweep away the leaves of today and tomorrow. All day the little monk was very happy.

The second day, the young monk to the yard, he stunned. The yard is as old as the fallen leaves.

The old monk came over and said to the little monk, “silly boy, no matter how hard you are today, the leaves will fall down tomorrow.” The little monk finally understood that there are many things in jerseys at nfl best discount the world can not be advanced, only to live in the present moment, is the most real attitude towards life.

Kurihippo J once said, “the past and the future are not things that exist, but the things that exist and are possible. The only present is now.”

One day after breakfast, someone asked the buddha. The Buddha invited him into the room, he listened patiently to talk about their problems off the reel of doubt for a few minutes long, finally, the Buddha hands, he immediately shut up, pointing to what he wanted to know the buddha.

“Did you have breakfast?” Buddha asked.

The man nodded.

“Did you wash the breakfast bowl?” Buddha asked again.

The man nodded again, and then opened his mouth.

The Buddha said before the man said, “did you dry the dishes?”

“Yes, yes,” he replied impatiently, “now you can have meaning for me?”

“You already have the answer.” The nfl jerseys from china Buddha answered, and then he took him out of the door.

A few days later, the man finally understand the truth of the Buddha teaches. The Buddha is to remind him to focus on the present – must concentrate on the moment, because this is the real point.

Living in the present is a kind of life style that is devoted to life. When you live in the present, without the past behind you, and no future pulls you forward, all your energies are focused on this moment, and life has a strong tension.

This is the only way to make life rich. Besides, people are poor. They may have all the money in the world, but they are poor”. There are two kinds of poor people in the world, the rich and the poor. A sense of abundance has little to do with the material possessions. It is often related to the way you live, the quality of life, the joy of life, and the quality of life. All of these things only top quality for nfl cheap jerseys through meditation can feel the profound meaning.

“Now” gives you a chance to dive deep into the water of life, or fly high into the sky. But there are dangers on both sides — “past” and “future” are two of the most dangerous words in human language. The moment between the past and the future is almost like walking on a rope. But once you have tasted the sweetness of the moment, you will not worry about the danger; once you are at the same pace with life, the rest will be irrelevant. Life is everything to you.

When life comes to an end, ask yourself a question: do you feel sorry for your life? Do you think you have done what you want to do? Do you have a good laugh, really happy?

You think this life is going: when you are young, you desperately want to get into a top university; then, you wish to graduate to find a good job; then, you can’t wait to get married and have children, then you also hope all children grow up quickly, good lighten your burden; later, the child has grown up, and you wait to retire; finally, you really retired, however, you are old, almost can not even walk…… When you’re about to stop and take a breath, life is coming to an end.

In fact, this is not the portrayal of most people do? They toil for life, life always worry, nba jerseys news prepare for the future plan, undivided attention later events, but forgot to look on the “now” wait for a second time, only when I see light suddenly “”.

Buddha advised the world to live in the moment”. What is the present? Simply said, “is now” refers to: work and live with what you are doing now, stay in place, the people around; living in the moment that you should focus on these things, all carefully to accept, tasting, investment and experience it all.

You might say, “what’s the trouble? I am not always alive and go with them?” The question is, are you always living in a hurry, whether it’s eating, walking, sleeping, or entertaining, and you’re always impatient to get to the next goal? Because you think there is a greater ambition waiting for you.

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