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After graduating Complaining is supply cheap nfl jerseys from college, I applied better than changing to the planning department of a company to work, including the manager, the planning department of a total of 4 people. Because I am writing good, very quickly by the manager’s attention, some programs are handed me the drafting company. In general, I drafted the program manager, a little change, directly reported to the top, and most of them can be implemented through the audit, but sometimes because of some company leadership thoughts suddenly changed, re adjustment.

On one occasion, the company to carry out a warm grassroots activities, the drafting of the program naturally fall on my head. First, I want to go to the place where the communication, a detailed understanding of the local situation and the needs of each other, and then according to the specific circumstances of the company, the drafting of the whole program will soon be completed. After the scheme sent up, company leaders praise, that is worthy of a detailed and thoughtful, and save a good practical scheme. I was so proud of myself for many days.

However, this activity started in the night before, I was already in bed, hazy in the mobile phone rang, is called the company secretary wang. She told me that a temporary change in the company’s leadership, the program needs to be modified, I immediately returned to the company. I look, it is a little early in the morning. largest discount nfl jerseys “What time is it?”. My heart is not willing to pick up a one hundred thousand coat of going straight into the heart of the leadership of the company complained why nfl jerseys news regardless of employees and inconstant in policy, feelings, also say what people-oriented. To the company, the manager is also. Although I finished the revision of the plan very quickly, everyone was aware of my unhappy mood.

I do not know why, since this event, a subtle change in my mind, complaining about the start up, a little things will be over, slowly, complaining mood gradually occupy my heart, I can’t believe it myself. In the course of time, my colleagues began to slowly alienate with special respect, even I. The manager will no longer let me take on the main job, but I will work with other colleagues.

Under distress, I think a good friend Su Li, put ourselves a vexation to talk to him. Su Li entered the workplace earlier than me, he is now a vice president, he heard a faint smile, said to me: “there is a saying that if you can’t change the environment, you can change the mood, not complaints change.” Listen to his words, I think, yes, if blindly to complain around themselves, would be bad for his work.

In an instant, the Spring Festival is drawing near. In order to celebrate the coming Spring Festival, the company decided to hold a big get-together with 3 other companies. Originally, the party in accordance with the planning of the program of activities, awards, prizes are all ready. However, in the middle of the party, the company’s boss to see the performance of the staff is very good, a happy heart, it requires one or two, three and other awards were added to the recognition of places.

Although only a word of the boss, but to increase the burden of our work. To increase the recognition of places, means not only to re buy prizes, certificates of honor, but also on the contents of the above and a series of things. However, at this time from the end of the party only five programs to the time of the award.

In the face of this sudden change, the manager worried, two colleagues also could not help but complain, even suggested that second days replacement.

At this moment, I take the initiative to the manager said: “if we should still have time to prepare separately.” The manager nodded. He asked a colleague to buy prizes, a colleague responsible for photographing the scene, then put the trouble for the certificate of honor to me. I dare not neglect, the first company to the canteen next to buy a certificate of honor to the nike nfl jerseys top quality fastest speed, then immediately to the office to print the contents of the certificate, and even prize labels also printed. After a busy, at the end of the last program, the newly added certificates, prizes are all ready.

Later, for the temporary increase in the recognition of quota brings us trouble, company executives also some regret, but when he saw us so efficiently deal with the sudden changes, and feel very happy. To this end, the company has also been given to our department in writing.

After this event, I gradually learn to manage their emotions, have encountered temporary changes, have overcome difficulties to complete. The manager has nike nfl jerseys returned to my trust, but also to some important plans for me to draft. My relationship with my colleagues has improved and the work efficiency has improved.

This experience let me know way more than difficult, in the face of sudden changes, complaint and full of complaints, as with a positive attitude to face, trying to solve. Moreover, treatment of sudden changes, processing capacity can also exercise their own crisis, accumulate experience for the individual life experience, Why not??

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