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One evening, he A return cheap good quality nfl jerseys drove home in return alone on a one-way street. To make a living in this small town in the Midwest, the rhythm of his life as he opened the vintage car as slow. He hasn’t given up his job since the factory closed down, but he didn’t give up hope. The outside air is cold, lethargy began shrouded Shino, in this place, in addition to the relocation of the people, who will be driving on this road?

Most of his familiar friends have left the town. Friends have their own dreams to achieve, have their own families to raise. But he chose to stay at home. This is the place where he was born, there is his childhood and dream, and he that is in the ground of his parents left home. Everything is so familiar, he can close their eyes tell you what is, where is the. His vintage car headlights broken, but he don’t worry, he can know the way. The sky is getting dark and the snow is getting thicker. He told himself that he had to hurry home.

He hardly noticed the old lady who was stranded by the roadside. It was dark outside, so remote places, to help the old lady is very difficult. I help her, as he thought, while the old lady to vintage car Mercedes stopped. He smiled at the old lady, but he could see that the old lady was very nervous. She wondered if she’d ever run into a robber The man looked down and out, like the wolf.

He could read the stood shivering in the cold wind of the old lady’s mind. He said, “I’m here to help you nfl jerseys news, old mother. You sit in the car, it’s a little warmer. Don’t worry. My name is Byron.” The jerseys nfl china for promotion old lady’s tire is broken. But it’s not an easy thing for the old lady. Byron went under the car, to see which parts of the chassis can jack up the car, when he crawled, accidentally scratched his knees. Wait for the tires to change. His clothes are dirty and his hands are sour. As soon as he had finished the last few screws, the old lady rolled down the window and began to talk to him. She told him that she had come from a big city, and passed by. Thank you very much for stopping to help her. Byron listened, while the car tire repair tools and put back to the old lady, and then closed, with a smile on her face. The old lady asked him how much he had to pay and how much he wanted.

Because she could imagine that if Byron hadn’t stopped to help her, anything could happen in this place and at this time.

To help the old lady is to ask her for money? Byron never thought. He has never given a helping hand to a job. It is difficult for others to help, in the past, he is doing, and now he does not want to change this kind of man. He told the old lady that if she really wanted to pay him back, the next time she saw someone else in need of help, he would help others. He added: “then you have to remember me.”

He looked at her car. It was a bad day for him, but now he has helped a man who needs help.

And the old lady. She drove nearly a mile out of the car and saw a small cafe by the side of the road. She thought, still have to open a way to get home, it is better to eat something, warm body.

This is a very old cafe, two Taiwan refueling door; indoor telephone is very dark, like old no cash register what I like. The waitress came over and brought her the menu, and the old lady felt that it was very comfortable. Her belly, looks at least 8 months pregnant, but the end of the day and did not let her lose hospitality. The old lady thought, what makes the pregnant woman have to work, and what makes her so enthusiastic hospitality? She thought of Byron.

The waitress will be 100 yuan in cash to the old lady’s bill, the old lady has quietly left the cafe. When the waitress will change back to the old lady, we found that the location is empty, when the old lady was thinking about where to go, she noticed that the old lady written on a napkin, on a napkin, she found another was 300  cheap nike nfl jerseys dollars.

A napkin is writes: “this money is my gift. You don’t owe me anything. I’ve been through your current situation. Someone used to help me as I do now. If you want to repay me, do not let your love lost.”

The waitress read on a top quality for cheap nfl jerseys napkin, tears brim over with tears.

That night, she went home, lying in bed and toss about to can’t sleep, she thought the old lady left a note and money. How the old lady knew that she and her husband are anxious for money? Next month the child would be born, the cost is also completely unfunded, she and her husband have been worried. Now under the well, the old lady is really timely assistance.

Looking around the sleeping husband, she knew he was anxious to make money during the day. She leaned over to give him a kiss, said softly: “everything will be okay, Byron, I love you.”

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