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I am a native of A college wholesale nfl jerseys the north, but free shipping for 8 years I is not very love north, no prejudice, personality, as a child of the sunrise river spends hongsihuo, spring green river, such as blue river full of longing, read 4 years of university finance in the north, a misfortune of graduating life changing my life was so uncertain, insight has so much, too depressed, have depressed want to go home to escape, but the thought of life is short, I expect so much of their dream has not started, or a person decided to come to a city south of the Yangtze River, this is a full of vigor and vitality of the city, but for it is a strange city, I do not have an understanding of the people in this city, I missed the job time lonely figure countless interviews in each talent market and various companies. The final chance I went into a state-owned commercial financial services, and is now looking back 8 years ago, alas, time flies. Following into the subject:

1, your spirit fell

Just participate in the work of the NPC to work full of infinite yearning and longing, I am no exception, imagine yourself finally can have a display of talent ability stage, imagine themselves to finally be able to rely on their own to live, very excited, in the imagination came to a certain branch, I was working the branch of normal college students is less and less, but I have been warned himself must not be arrogant, not young, early to participate in the work of the people, everyone is my master, in fact, financial stuff is very simple, I just started to study accounting at the branch, although not the master love to teach, but I could not stand the inquisitive, I learned a lot of knowledge of financial entry. But at that time I was a typical northern character, within the square more square, intransigent, young, was a leading way of doing things is not satisfied, and to the north way revealed, the results cheap price for nfl jerseys after 3 months of business outlets, I was sent to a savings when the a clerk, and this one is 6 months.

The 6 months of work for a just to participate in the work of college students really tantamount to torture, just started also naive to think that soon someone to take over, but as time goes on, seeing other people to work at the same time are very conducive to the later development of the position. And I, day after day in savings a number of other people’s money, but without any work from above may arouse the news, but although the division of labor is different, but it is now working ATM can be completed job. But to the dismay of frustration, I know that in no way does not have any acquaintance cases can only swallow hard to do good work for me is the best choice, I am very clear nfl jerseys online that if the work is wrong and that for me is a fatal, but in my internship period. I think some people doing things the book turn tail man or some reason, at least not to disgrace when you do not have the ability of the game and others. And I, after 6 months of suffering, in the future work and have not to be against the superior.

2, that door

When God closes a door for you, it opens another door for you. In the days when I was struggling in the savings, I was actually looking for another door. At that time, every day I do a good job in addition to the work at hand, every day is how to get rid of this suffocating environment, how can let the superior appreciation? Some people say that gold will shine, I will not believe, I believe, is to take his ability to rely on our own efforts to show superior to the workplace after promotion, of course that is not love love to show off the show, but the appropriate self display.

At that time I listed some improvements, such as their own dialect, we came to the south to the north dialect really terrible, began almost a year basically did not understand, but I want to integrate into the most basic is to be able to let the leadership for you and speak Mandarin at the meeting. For example, business skills, basic no contact before the abacus, counting is very nike nfl jerseys top quality slow. Such as English, when local foreign-funded enterprises increased rapidly, the demand of employees in foreign language very much, the future will certainly be used, this is an advantage for me, but I am sophomore with outstanding achievement of 6, do not lose myself.

Clear these points after I moved swiftly to work on time every day for 6 months, never late and leave early, to try to practice the abacus and counting, learning English dormitory, practice Chinese characters input and English input in the unit, work and depositors and good quality nfl jerseys my colleagues to learn the local dialect. Waiting for the opportunity to work side by side. Finally all the staff once the line organization line in the skills test, because I soon induction time, advised me not to attend, because the rate must be reported to the branch, where I miss this opportunity, strong demand in the main, also want to deepen the accounting department leadership impression on me, so I every day after work to store room to practice hard, then take the test after I pass.

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