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A farmer dropped wholesale cheap nike jerseys his axe into the river. He for sale honesty never hurts sat by the river and cried sadly. God will jump into the water to help him fishing, quickly took out a golden axe, the farmer shook his head and said: “this is not my.” God took out a silver axe, a worker or a head. Finally, he took out an iron axe, and the farmer said, “this is my axe.” God took the gold and silver axe together gave him.

A greedy guy knew that he threw his axe into the river. Soon, God took a golden axe, before nfl jerseys free shipping God asked him, he immediately said: “this is the one I lost it.” The hate he is honest, and the gold axe disappeared. The man couldn’t even find his axe.

Many people think that cheating and lying is a kind of good behavior. (www.qumaishu.com) so many reputable stores, often to conceal their defects of products, all kinds of ads published to cheat customers. Some people even think that in commercial activities, the means of deception and capital as necessary.

They don’t understand that they lose their honest character while they get more money. Their money may gain, but eventually they will lose more!

Also, I do not know how many people will be in the days after the realization that cheating is unreliable, is going to fail! So from the desire to achieve this point of view, honesty is also a best strategy! Read business history, you can see that 50 years ago the big stores still exist in today is almost very few.

The big stores, then such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain generally emerge, to publishing various kinds of deceptive advertising, do all kinds of deceptive propaganda, it is very popular, but nfl jerseys free shipping their life is also not sustainable, because they lack the backing of honesty. They are all unreliable, a deception can succeed, but they will soon be exposed. In the end they will be left out in the cold until they fail.

There is no such thing as an advertisement which can be more popular than an honest one.

The deceiver are the fallen! Such people are not honest, can not get along with people for a long time, but also can not achieve their own happiness and desire to succeed.

Some of the young people, in order to gain some petty profits, his personality and reputation, like betting on horses at the racetrack like profligacy, isn’t it a sad?

Honesty is a virtue in life, though honest men are sometimes laughed at, but in the end they will be rewarded like a farmer who falls into the river.

Treat people with honesty. No beauty, no evil, one is one, two is two. The Song Dynasty Prime Minister Zhang Zhibai to the court recommended the young Yan shu. The court called Yan came to the palace, the emperor Zhenzong coincided with the palace and ordered to participate in the examination of Yan shu. Yan Shu see questions and said: “this song Fu 10 days ago I have done, please the emperor other other questions.” His honesty won the genuine love. Later, Yan served as the librarian. One day, the cheap nfl jerseys prince as a lack of official instructions, Neiting Yan served as delegate. The principal officials do not know the reason. The second day the emperor said to him: “recently heard of Pavilion in a giant Liao, not only enjoying nba jerseys news the pleasures of Yan Shu and brother had to go so cautious discreet, it can serve as officer.

“Yan Shu to accept the appointment, and when he described the appointment of the emperor for his reason. Yan Shu heard, said: “I do not love and pleasure to play, just because the poor can not afford ah. I like money, also want to play.” The emperor for his honesty always appreciated. Song Renzong, he finally made the prime minister.

Although some may cause the other side of the unpleasant or misunderstanding, but eventually will be understood, win the trust of each other.

Honesty is the best way to treat people. Although the honest, you may pay a price, but the day after you get, will pay more than.

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