Envy is the 2016 wholesale cheap nfl jerseys poison of life

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The Buddhist Envy is the 2016 wholesale scriptures there is a story cheap nfl jerseys poison of life in ancient times, a king Mogatuo state kept a herd of elephants. As a group, have an elephant is very special, the body hair white, soft and smooth. Later, the king will give the elephant a trainer to take care of. The trainer not only take care of it for living, but also very hard to teach it. The white elephant is very smart and empathetic, after a period of time, they have established a good rapport.

One year, the country held a big celebration. The king will ride a white elephant to the ceremony, so the trainer will be cleaning up a white elephant, and on its back covered with a white blanket, was handed over to the king.

The king by some officials, riding a white elephant to town to see the celebration. Because the white elephant is too beautiful, people gathered around, admiring, while shouting: “elephant! The elephant!” Then, on the back of an elephant king, think all the splendor is the white elephant away, my heart is very angry and jealous. After a quick circle, he returned unhappily to the palace. In the palace nfl jerseys different colour, he asked: “the white elephant trainer, have what special skill?” The trainer asked the king: “I don’t know

King: what do you mean?” The king said, “will it be able to show its skill on the edge of the cliff?” The trainer said: “it should be.” The king said, “good.”. Tomorrow let it show in Varanasi and Mogatuo in the adjacent cliff.”

The next day, the trainer to the white elephant to the cliff. The king authentic nfl jerseyssaid: “the white elephant to three feet at the edge of the cliff?” The trainer said: “this is simple.” He was riding on the elephant and the elephant said: “here, standing on three feet.” Sure enough, the white elephant immediately shrink from one foot.

The king said: “it can feet dangling, only two feet?” “Can.” Mahout call it shrink from the feet, the white elephant is very obedient after doing. Then the king said: “it can only three vacant, stand on one foot?”

The trainer to listen, understand the king intended to the white elephant to death, the white elephant said: “this time you have to be careful, shrink from three feet, stand on one foot.” What do elephants are very cautious. The crowd of people watching, warm applause, cheers for the white elephant!

The king, the heart is not nfl jerseys balanced, the trainer said: “it can also shrink from the back foot, body vacant?”

At this time, the trainer said quietly: “the king of the white elephant to take your life, here we will be very dangerous. You can fly across the cliff?” This is unbelievable the white elephant actually put the foot hanging fly, carrying thetrainer over the cliff, into the country varanasi.

Varanasi people see the white elephant fly, all cheered. The king was pleased to ask the trainer: “where are you from? Why is riding a white elephant came to my country?” The trainer will be careful to tell the king. After listening to the king, exclaimed: “why people with an elephant, regardless of jealousy?”

Life must have a heart of peace and harmony, must not be pregnant with jealousy. As the saying goes: “Yuli written for the people, he seeks to reach Master.” We should not be jealous of others, we should look at the success of others, this is the secret of a happy life.

There is a couple of very narrow heart, always love for a little bickering. One day, his wife made some good dishes, think about if you like some wine drinking is better. So she took the ladle to jar to get the wine.

A look at the wife probe toward crock, saw the wine mirrors of his own shadow. She thought that her husband was cheating on her, the woman nfl jerseys for sale home to hide in the jar, he shouted: “Hey, you devil, dare to deceive me secretly hidden in the woman inside the cylinder. Now what do you say?”

Listening to her husband in disorderly fashion, quickly ran into the tank look, he saw a man, also scolded them without any explanation: “you this bad woman, obviously you are picking up other men home, secretly hidden in a jar inside him, but framed me!”

“Well, you have a reason!” Wife and probe into the tank, or see the woman previously thought, the husband teases her, not by the fly, pointing to the husband said: “do you think what kind of person I am, let you deceive you? You, you’re so sorry……” The wife scolded the more gas, and raised the hands of the bailer to throw him over to her husband. Flash sideways escape her husband, his wife not only vexatious himself, but also his wife was also not resigned to playing second fiddle, a slap in the face. This is not two people, hit a ball, pushing and biting, simply bukekaijiao.

Finally referred to the nba jerseys news official, the official Master heard the couple two people, my heart suddenly understand half, he ordered subordinates to break the tank.

A hammer down, I saw the wine trickling out. After a while, a bottle of wine streamer, the cylinder did not see half a man or woman’s shadow. Two couples understood that they are just jealous of your shadow, the heart is very ashamed, so I apologize to each other, and reconciliation.

We are in doubt, should not jump to conclusions, to be objective and rational analysis, to be able to understand the truth. In particular, when angry, not like the story of the couple to see their own shadow, can not be calm.

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