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When you are Walk the nfl jerseys walking on a strange road, you have fast free shipping think is right to go the way you think you are. Because the road is chosen by itself. Only go down to know he is not correct. In the past 3 brothers from the countryside to the city to start their own business, the old boss A B, second, third small C.

They go hand in hand, on the way encounter misty day on the ground, brave the wind and dew, dust, over seven mountains, across twenty-one rivers, finally came to a bustling town. There are three roads, one of which can lead to the city, but no one can tell which one is.

Old A said: “our father taught me a lifetime only a ‘fate’, I just close your eyes and take a good luck.” He chose one of them and left.

Big B said: “who asked us to be born in that poor place, I have not read the book, which is not the most likely way to calculate, I will be the old A next to the road.” Finish clap ass also go.

The rest is a small road, small C can not make up his mind. He thought and thought, decided to nfl jerseys online go to the town to ask the elders. The old man saw him, but still shook his head. “No one has nfl jerseys direct supply ever been to the city, because it is too far away. And we’ve had a good life here. But, boy, I can tell you what my grandfather told me to do what I thought was right.”

Little C remembered the earnest teachings of the old man, set foot on the path, and pursued his dream of the city. He has gone through a lot of pain and hardship, but every setback, every failure has not knocked him down. When he is facing an impasse, always say to yourself “wrong is their own way, so he survived. In the 10 years after the day, he finally saw the city with his yearn day and night, good tenacity and perseverance, from the start of a yuan of money business — shoeshine, pick up trash, a waiter, he later became a company’s general staff, blue collar, white-collar workers, until their own independent registered a company.

30 years later, the small C old, he took his son to take care of the company, to find that the brothers walk alone. Is still the poor West Village, is still the cottage mud, the eldest still live there, still live in a sunrise and sunset day,

The three brothers each described his story: the boss said he along the road for five months, more and more narrow way, wild animals, one evening he was nearly eaten by wolves, but his back. Second choice of the road with the eldest brother is not much difference, after coming back, he felt that life can not rise to life. Third sighed: “I walk with you the only difference is as like as two peas, I selected the return.”

In fact, each road can lead to the city, go to their own is the right way, do not go back, as long as you think he is right.

Lei Feng was orphaned at the age of seven. This six’s grandmother adopted him. In order to help him six uncle grandma, often go to the mountain wood, but the local mountains are rich wood occupied, not poor people to cut. Lei Feng one day to Snake Mountain wood,jerseys from nfl china Alex was the landlord’s wife saw the landlord old woman pointing to Lei Feng shouted, and took the knife, Lei Feng cried to recapture the wood knife, the landlord’s wife unexpectedly raised his knife in the left hand on the back of Lei Feng chopped three knife, dripping blood along the finger in the mountain……

Aspire to join the army

1949 in August, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army passed Lei Feng’s hometown. Lei Feng saw the camp team live to help fellow villagers Wenhanwennuan, fetching water and sweep the floor. Buy firewood to buy food price to pay, people do not take the stitch, from the heart to the initiation of the desire to join the army. Lei Feng found the army commander, determined to the army, when the company commander that he told him the suffering of life is still small, grow up to the army, and put a pen to him, encourage him to Study hard, grow up to defend and China construction.

Children’s group

In 1950, founded the village farmers association, the land reform, Lei Feng actively cheap nfl jerseys involved in the movement, when the children head guard sentry. Patrol, to prevent damage to the enemy, he also learned to say Allegro, propaganda.

Student time

The summer of 1950, the township government sent Lei Feng orphans free reading. In the summer of 1956, graduated from the lotus leaf dam primary school, in a few years, Lei Feng overcome difficulties, hard work, by the teachers and students alike. He helped the backward students, take care of the collective food, and fight with the bad elements, by the school teachers, students and villagers alike. At the graduation ceremony, he came to power to speak, resolutely asked to stay in the countryside, to build a new socialist countryside to contribute their meager strength.

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