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A successful person How the cheap nfl jerseys will succeed no matter china supply becomes President where he is. The most important thing is to be able to endure hardship, attitude and dedication, which is the best secret of success. Several major entrepreneurs due to worry about the future competitiveness of Taiwan, is willing to lead young people to do business, do their mentor (Mentor), create more jobs to others. I was lucky enough to attend a party.

Because it is a dinner party, the atmosphere is more relaxed, it was bold to ask: why do you now engage in, are not you originally in the University of science? This is not what not?

This is a good question, “Washington Post” columnist Wadhwa (Vivek) once said: “you read in the university discipline and your achievements or the development of life, there is no direct relationship.” Many of the things you use in your workplace, when you go to college, haven’t been invented yet. What the university has taught you is the way to learn and to do things.

The world is changing, you have to be sharp and you have to keep up with the boss. The seven son cheap nfl jerseys online of Wang wrote:

“The army have joy, but ask from nfl jerseys news who, from God and Wu, Yan Long n?”

A president said he went to study in the United States, summer vacation to work in the restaurant to earn tuition, he and his classmates to apply, the economy is not good at that time, only to find the minimum wage of the dishwasher, his classmates think he is the best graduate of the University of Taiwan, washing the dishes is very not willing to put fine timber to petty use, the results are less than two. The week was fired. His attitude is not willing to do, do it best, so every minute to do.

Because he washed well and quickly, was promoted to the handyman (bus boy), personnel and because of his work smooth and clean, the guest forefoot gone, he immediately clean the table, so that the next guest can immediately be seated. The table turned quickly, waiter more, he don’t tip the handyman personnel actually do even the waiter are willing to put their own tips to him, showing his.

Therefore, successful people, no matter what position will be successful, because they are dedicated, not afraid of hardship. This is the secret of success.

Another president in the United States, went to the bakery to sell bread. His daily performance is better than others, the guests would like to wait in line to serve him. Why? When the guest’s eyes were looking at the bread, he followed the guests’ eyes and took the bread he liked.

For the boss, regardless of the size of bread, as long as you can sell it. In any case, there will always be the biggest, the next guest, and then take the largest to him, the guests satisfied, the next will come again. He understands the customer psychology, no wonder the business is very successful.

It reminds me of the last to rural services, driving the nun took us to buy Taitung’s most famous buns, the car seven people all get off to buy, I think the store must be very glad that so many business services, not miss the face is very smelly, indifferent, I would not buy gas. Although the staff guest more tired, but they forget, no guests home, shop drained when they don’t work.

In this society, it is necessary to win a win-win situation. No matter what work, dedication is the first, do the best, others will see, the jerseys different nfl size work will find their own. So “as difficult as it should be strong without gas, to deal with people, to have no known words. People can understand their own strengths, ignoring their own weaknesses, attitude and wisdom is always the universal law of success.

One day in May, Lei Feng went to Shenyang in the rain, he in order to catch the early train, more than 5 in the morning get up, take a few Steamed Buns is put on the raincoat on the road, the road, saw a woman carrying a child, hand also took a little girl struggling to walk to the station. Lei Feng took off his coat draped over her body, and picked up the little girl to accompany them to the station, on the train, Lei Feng saw the little girl cold shiver, and his own personal sweater off her dress, Lei Feng reckons she didn’t eat the morning, will bring their own Steamed Buns for them to eat. When the train arrived in Shenyang, it was raining, and Lei Feng sent them home again. The woman said gratefully, “comrade, how can I thank you?!” New year’s time, comrades in arms happily together to engage in a variety of recreational activities. Lei Feng and everyone at the cheap nike jerseys club to play table tennis for a while, they think of every new year, services and transport sector is the busiest time, how these people need help. He put down the racket, several call my comrades together, leave straight after the nearby o Tuen station, which help clean up the waiting room, the the passenger to pour, Lei Feng drives up the class.

Lei Feng chose to do good things for the people with no stop, and no wonder that people think of the people who do good deeds for the people. Lei Feng.

Children’s bosom friends

After 1960 in October, Lei Feng has served as the Fushun construction Street Primary School (now the Lei Feng primary school) and Benxi Road Primary School counselors.

Lei Feng usually work. Learning is very busy, he can only use the break time or stormy days not to leave school and find out the day of the teachers, classmates and talk, or other assistance activities. He is good at uniting small friends, inspire them to Study hard every day.

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