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“Do not complain Do not complain wholesale about the opening and cheap nfl jerseys about the opening closing.” Not famous quotes, but an ordinary father to son discipline. However, because of this discipline, the ordinary father has created a celebrity son. The common father of the famous son, called Zhang Mingzheng.

Zhang Mingzheng was born poor, poor performance when reading, often criticized by the teacher. Graduated from high school, Zhang Mingzheng did not even ordinary college scores. After the college entrance examination results came out, usually complain about this resentment that Zhang Mingzheng, not looking for their own reasons, but constantly complain about their family conditions are not good, blame their parents did not give him to create a good learning environment.

Usually, when Zhang Mingzheng complained that his father did not think he is incompetent, did not pave the way for his son’s life. Therefore, my father always patiently education Zhang Mingzheng by virtue of their own efforts to change the reality, not as a lifetime Luluwuwei like him. This time, the father was angry: “Zhang Mingzheng, my life is my failure failure! You are responsible for your failure! You open this never-ending complaints, not closed work!” Always good-natured father, anger him shocked, also woke up. Since then, Zhang Mingzheng no longer complain, tuition a year later admitted to the Taiwan Catholic University Department of applied mathematics.

Since then, Zhang Mingzheng, do not blame the poor no longer worry about personal gains and losses, no longer complain about the unfairness of the world, but the courage to cope with the nfl jerseys different size difficulties, beginning with “open than closed blame work” attitude towards their own life. Zhang Mingzheng realized his impoverished, lost in the starting line, but to change the outcome, the only way is to bite the run in life on the runway, rather than complain about starting late opening.

After graduating from Zhang Mingzheng college, after hard work, he started his own company. He is based on their personal experience, his “opening complain as closed work” as the corporate culture promotion among employees, that his company will soon grow up. Thus, by virtue of his “open than closed blame work” spirit of hard work, flying in the sea road, sprint to today’s global high-tech industry, and became a leader in the industry.

Zhang Ming is a short period of 10 years, with a $5000 venture in Losangeles, ups and downs, now runs a single software company — the world’s biggest trends in science and technology company. The company’s market capitalization of $7 billion, is one of the world’s top nfl jerseys online 100 listed companies as one of the world’s most authoritative magazine, Zhang Mingzheng has been the United States for two consecutive years, business week was elected as the star of Asia

“As the opening closing blame work”, it is easy to say, life is very difficult to do. Because the process of life, is a process of setbacks. Most of us, when faced with setbacks, can not help but complain. Only a few setbacks as a stepping stone to success, to complain about energy use in overcoming setbacks. Finally, they succeeded.

If you want to succeed, please don’t complain. As long as the “blame” negative energy “into” practical work “positive energy, you will overcome difficulties, out of their own way to success.

There is no doubt that the shop at a loss, no more than five thousand yuan a month. Despite the excellent work, although he sent tea in the heavy rain day broke his bike, though at the cost of using the best raw materials, although he every day from nine a.m. to ten p.m. at the store, but in a competitive world (or just on the street), all of this is not enough to let him succeed, success does not depend on whether you work. At that time the stock rose, my mother hit the money back to the stock market nfl jerseys Free Shipping late, every month will lose to the ADI five thousand, already no temper.

One day the brother sat alone in the shop, the evening sun Street, he saw Lu hardly appear in front of. Lu Qinqin said: “a cup of tea, do not add pearls.” She recognized him, too. Lu Qinqin said: “Wu Shuangfeng, you are now working in the tea shop?” Brother said: “I’m the boss.” He saw radiation-proof clothes, wearing a purple hardly.

Lu Qinqin said, “I’m pregnant.”

Brother said: “you and the director of sales married?”

Lu Qinqin said: “no, I have resigned, and a Taiwanese together. I live here and I don’t know you’re here.”

Brother said: “you are nfl jerseys free shipping pregnant, do not drink tea, not good for you.”

That brother riding a bicycle to Lu Qinqin home, really not far, very often can see him after lu. The break up, Lu Qinqin said: “in Shuangfeng, you know when I was in your life the most wrong, really bad luck.” Brother Lu silent, very sad to say: “do you remember, I am the best girl you met, you are the worst man I met.” So, when the ADI looked at her slowly walked into the building. He rode his bike back to the milk tea shop, thought, pulled out all the power, pulled down the shutter door, declared the tea shop bankruptcy.

Brother never saw Lu Qinqin again.

Since then, a little a relationship, let brother to do logistical support in a Loft, this work is relatively easy, but also not in front of the computer, only need to charge the smelly face on it. How many girls in pursuit of ADI, are native to Shanghai. I said to ADI.

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