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A student from Some life china cheap nfl jerseys Poland, this year sale have to understand is the seventh year of his undergraduate, finally rose to the fourth time into the classroom is a sign of carrying a bag, and then carrying a handbag, always wearing the yellow sweater, to sit in the first row of the classroom, after class, left in a hurry. Later learned that he is a part-time postman, rushed to the messenger. Once I asked him, what is it that you can hold on for so many years? He said, I want to change my destiny.

Poland brother have a classmate a good relationship, an Iraqi, 28 years old, previously worked for the United States in Iraq did not translate, as everyone knows the reasons after returning to Holland, wandering. The Iraqis and most international students are not very good, because he is said to have contact with others as the premise, with money, for example, you ask him, he will give you the money, the result is that when he asked the other international students to ask questions, also will be charged. Later, he began to ask the Chinese people to ask questions, because the Chinese are always free to answer. Every time he comes to ask you a question, he will take out a bag nfl jerseys news of candy from the bag, give you a few, and then start. Later, he also learned that he had a Chinese girlfriend, recently returned to china. As if to prove something, he showed me his girlfriend’s cell phone number, at the top quality for cheap nfl jerseys beginning of 180. I asked him what he would do after graduation. I laughed, but my heart was calm.

A few days ago, in GGD know a person, 27 years old, after graduating from college, was assigned to the home of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of transportation work, there are rooms with cars. Now he work during the day and night to learn IELTS, ready to resign, in September this year to Holland to study, from a begin speech. I asked him, why do you make such a choice? His answer was illusory, like a dream, he said, to do what he had always wanted to do. In some cases, the reality brought to meet at the same time to you, will also have a lot of thing, do you think is the right thing to do, at least it will not let myself regret.

Remember that a winter vacation, with experiences from parents to a fast-food restaurant work, serving the close, began to feel interesting, then jianjue boring. During the period, met a kitchen chopping guy, his name is Chen Kangxi, I still remember. When the rest idle boring, they used to carry out the English word book look, perhaps is because of this move, Chen Kangxi take the initiative to come and talk to me. That chat, his age and I almost, from rural Anhui, graduated from junior high school is out of work, doing several stores, now finally in this house, because this company offered him a small room with a single to him, so that he can have a good learning environment. Originally, he is now preparing to participate in the adult college entrance examination, asked me a lot of questions about that. I helped him a lot of information, print out to him, he was very excited. The last day I work, he invited me to his home, in fact, is a small room of less than six square meters, in addition to a bed, a chair, a table, almost nothing else. And he said to me, a year later, when he had enough money to go to an English school in Guangzhou run by Li Yang, to improve my English, and then he showed me the school of advertising, ask me how I am. I didn’t say anything. I remember that night I said little, do not know why. Later, when he left, I asked him how to contact him, he said he had no mobile phone, where has been changed, it is possible to store can find him. A year later, I went back to the fast food restaurant. I didn’t find him. That’s one of the things I’m sorry about all these years. Perhaps, he really went to Guangzhou, and now also participated in the college entrance examination, went to his dream of the university every day. Or, perhaps, he realized the reality, and went back to work. Again, if I told him at that time, the school did not say that the ads are good, so expensive is not worth it, it would be good for him. I remember someone said that the dreamer is happy, all we can do is not to wake him up. May everything be all right now!

Not long ago, met supply replica nfl jerseys a middle-aged man from London, a young man who is a very talented musician in London, one year, he came to Barcelona for a few days, he fell madly in love with the city, no longer leave. Now he and several also love cheap china nfl jerseys Barcelona “Backpackers” opened two bar in downtown Barcelona, the day they do free guide for foreign tourists, lead the tourists to walk or ride a bicycle tour of the Barcelona, a way to explain the story behind the brick, night bar, reception of visitors from all over the world. In the conversation with them, I saw the light in their eyes revealed that the trace of happiness. Especially the London middle-aged man, sometimes because of a lane on the road, or the side of the wall, the exciting dancing with the British people generally love the rhetoric, that explanation, let you can’t help falling in love with the city.

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