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A friend asked Feeling 2016 new cheap me: “in your heart china nfl jerseys friendship, affection, friendship, love is how to arrange?” I said: “in my heart, all kinds of emotions are not in order, regardless of the severity of each kind is very important to me.”

Perhaps the friend because of affection and love or friendship and love collision will ask this helpless, I can not guess what, but I know that no matter what kind of not only love the party, in other words, love and friendship are the love around in circles. In fact, I do not agree with these three emotions in order to put the nfl jerseys factory supply method into the heart, no matter what kind of emotion, it will have a place in your heart, which does not have the weight of points.

The parents for me, feed me, love me, but after the partner, father and mother is nba jerseys news his most important person in your heart. Parents are the best teachers, can now, I should be grateful to their parents, and like a child when my mom and Dad love us, like the old after they love them more.

Is not to say that friendship is not important, in the life of long-distance road, your parents get older, can help more and more less, not the case of marriage, the most important is a friend, said the friends of the way to go, way more than friends, I neither agree nor denied this sentence.

In my opinion, a friend is enough, two friends a little more, the three friends too much. You know, more friends, but not a few intimate, it is a very helpless thing. Everyone has a very intimate and no words do not say friends, you pay more friends, in fact, they have a close friend. You can not enter their hearts, their hearts can not accommodate you’ll see you as a mercenary friend or a friend.

Friends can replace the old parents, the setback to cheer for you in you, even give some help, some are not good for parents to say can say to a friend. Some people may say, if I put a person as a bosom friend and she has another close friend! Of course, this is inevitable, take myself, in middle school I had two friends Taoxintaofei not saying a word, they sad I was when they listener, but no matter how I do not become their bestie, what fun is never the first time with me share, but learn from others, others can’t understand her sad will come to me.

Countless times to ask myself, is not living in a bedroom so there is always a barrier? Then think, think that your idea is too naive, once identified, which is the friend which can’t be friends after will not be changed; such as my first impression of a person’s nose with the index finger, after her cognition is not love clean very dirty, then do not want to be friends with she, after she was more outstanding, then love clean was still unable to make friends. I think this situation should be the subconscious exclusion method, so the importance of a friend is no less important than the importance of parents, this can not be compared, each with its own importance.

Love is not to get behind the so-called finale, did not get married before love is not stable, the sentence can be caused after both jerseys different nfl size sides again; some say love after marriage also is not stable, because there is a divorce certificate. Indeed, two kinds of love are unstable. Oh, it should be added, the married and unmarried people love, commonly known as small three.

Well, three kinds of love are unstable, especially the third kinds of love. Not married love is very impulsive, generally not married are young people, I do not know the feelings of the young wife did not feel precious, you can find, anyway, are not married. I want to say that the other half can be found in all aspects of a character are fit is not easy! Why give up so easily? Love is not deep? No If you do not love, together what is the point? Dawdle? Perhaps some people think so, but also do so, but most people still love together. Since love, why can not tolerate it? Don’t try to find a better, better and better person, not you. Of course, if you think you are the more better, I have nothing to say.

Besides second, married people will somehow become mature a little, what to consider all aspects, so I think three in married love a little more stable. But nfl jerseys supply what if no feelings and no longer necessary together, proposed separately or, do not think has been married once again find difficult, that is not only drag on their lives is not responsible for, is on the other side of life is not responsible for.

The third is married and unmarried love, in recent years, the third has been called a Zu Zongba has been accused of pour dog’s blood on, generation times, in fact, there is not special mistress sometimes destroy others family, love is love, feelings, who can say clearly?

This time the house ladies don’t ask yourself how domineering husband, first find from their own problems, her husband fell in love with someone else, isn’t this a failure when the wife? I think it’s a man’s fault.

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