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Life will never wholesale cheap authentic be perfect, there will nfl jerseys not perfect life always be a life of regret. Anyone who does anything, no matter how successful he or she is, is bound to be disappointed. But it is because there is regret, our life will be pursued: to achieve a goal, the next goal will appear.

In a life that is not perfect, we have something to lose. But in many cases it usually means losing. The reason is simple: people usually don’t appreciate what they get. Many collectors in the collection of their yearning things always do everything possible, but have to rack their brains, bend over backwards, finally get home, it is a period of time behind, and even forget to put what place. Why? Because he’s got it, and once he gets it, he doesn’t want it anymore. If a man loses his desire and enthusiasm for something, in fact, he loses it, because it is no longer in his heart. So, a lot of time nfl jerseys news in life means getting lost. But losing is not necessarily a bad thing, because the loss of the old, our hearts will desire and strive for new, so that we have a new goal in life. In this sense, the loss of life is meant to mean. As a matter of fact, it is because of imperfection and imperfection that we have made a little progress in our lives.

Life is not necessarily unhappy. Happiness can never be abstract, but a specific feeling. Sometimes, pain and happiness is also a kind of happiness. There can never be pure happiness and happiness in the nfl jerseys for sale world. You know there’s pain in life, that you know you’re not perfect and the society is not perfect. The happiness that you get from the pain, and finally the pain, is the happiness that you really feel. It is impossible for a man to live to the best of his ability, and if a man has attained such a state, he will lose all the pleasure of living. In order to explain this, I tell you a “corner”, the story of the lost, this is the famous picture book writer in American shell? Shel Silverstein’s story:

There is a circle missing a corner. He was so worried that he was missing a corner, no longer perfect. To this end, he began to look for a missing corner. He walked forward, singing: “Trinidad alone along the road, I’m going to look for the missing piece.” He endured the sun, cold rain, snow freezes him, the sun came out and kept him warm. Because he’s not a full circle, it’s not very fast. He can walk and talk to a worm, or smell the flowers, or super beetle, the beetle also sometimes ultra his car. The best moment is the moment when the butterfly is on him.

He went on, over the sea, through the swamps and jungles, up the hill, down the hill, singing and singing, and at last he saw a corner. He was happy to ask: “are you the one I lost?” The corner said: “don’t sing what Trinidad walk along the road. I’m not your lost corner. Who is not a corner, I am my own.” After listening to the circle can only be sad to go on the road. Then he found another piece, that is too small; and find another angle, that is too large; and find another angle that is too sharp, it almost gave him punctured; and another corner found too square, not appropriate; and found a corner and found quite right, but no results hold away; and found a corner, this time too tightly, the result to crush.

He had to move on in sorrow, met a lot of danger, fell into the hole, hit the wall, and finally cheap china nfl jerseys saw a corner, it seems very appropriate, so he asked: “are you the one I lost?” This corner said: “I am not, I am a corner of my own, but it can also be a corner of others, as long as the two together on the right line.” So they got together and it felt good. Finally found a complete circle, nothing is missing.

Together they continue to roll forward, because it is a complete circle, it rolls faster and faster, faster and can’t stop talking bug, can smell nike nfl jerseys top quality the flowers, can not let the butterfly in the body, but he can also sing, sing the song: “the perfect road through numerous hills and streams, I finally found the one the corner of the lost.” But there’s no song to sing. Oh, my God, he’s not missing anything now, so there’s nothing to sing. He thought for a while and finally realized there was something wrong with it.

He stopped, took the corner down gently, calmly walked away, walked all the way to sing: “Trinidad alone along the road, I’m going to look for the missing piece.” He can speak and the bug he can make, the butterfly on me.

In fact, this is life, when you have everything you lost everything. When you don’t have what you’re looking for, you’re looking for more than just that in real life. The things that are missing in your mind are often made up of something else, and you can only make up for the things you never stop and the way you feel about each day.

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