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How do we talk Have wholesale nfl jerseys about people about our from china about your life lives? Would like astronomers see only a little dust, helpless in a creeping unimportant star? Or, like a chemist, a clever bunch of chemicals? Or, as Hammer Leite sees in his eyes, man is noble in reason and infinite in talent Or is it all over? — Russell

When you start reading the text, do you have one or two seconds to really think about it, how do we see our lives? A dust in the world, just waiting to die before leaving? It’s a pile of chemicals that keep eating all cheap authentic nfl jerseys kinds of food and medicine to keep it going Is a data, we must use wages and scores to prove that they are bigger than others? Or a noble, even into the bottom, but also has unlimited possibilities of people?

The university I spent at Hunan University, it is my second wish, I wanted to go to the northern year, then did not go into. To this day, I am deeply grateful to my college entrance examination mistakes, the fact that I was the only one in China without a wall of the University spent time is the most precious part of my life. I still remember the day, a little rain, I carry my guitar (in fact at that time did not play) came to my dormitory nfl jerseys at best discount, then he is not too confident to the office please, occasionally feel very ideal and lofty, I think all the kids are like that.

Wait for me with the bed and we finished all things, 10 people bustling meal. Half past ten in the evening, the dormitory will turn off the lights. We have talked, finally odd sleep. I lay in my bed, staring at the floor of the bed can’t sleep, I realized that this is a new environment, I said to myself: all the people around you all don’t understand you, they don’t know your past, you can completely from tomorrow let yourself become one of your own like people. But what kind of person do you want to be?

So that night, the 17 year old formally asked his own life: what kind of person am I going to be?

I wrote my answers in a red notebook, which included ten of my favorite adjectives, and some of the things I wanted to do in. I still remember those adjectives including: sincerity, loyalty, spirituality, freedom and tolerance…… Those things include: learn how to drive, learn the nfl jerseys online double stick, riding a bike to Beijing, English four, talk about a vigorous love……

If you do not know me, you should know that these adjectives have been printed in the middle of my life, these tasks have become my most proud history, I learned to drive, the four level, learning nunchaku, sophomore cyclists across 6 provinces more than 1 thousand and 500 kilometers to reach Beijing, all this is because at the age of 17 in the classical, turn off the lights at night, for the first time in his life to ask questions.

In 2001, I quit my first job, because I hate my professional – building works, although he helped me find a decent job in a famous architectural firm, but I cannot keep half love. Good parents think it is young and arrogant is not responsible for the move, although only with expressions of opposition, I still feel great pressure. I went to a nearby park, sitting on the bench above the Daze until the evening before going home.

These days, for the past three days, I sat and thought about my family and my girlfriend How to make money? Why did my father forced me to choose this major? How jerseys nfl china for promotion do students see me? What would happen if I went to work? So I feel more and more tired, mouth foaming, think to be dead. In 2001 you pass the park near our house, you will see that like a white-collar like college students, he every day the cat in a bar stool, eat three dollars a day cake and a bottle of water, then sit down with a book look see, on tenterhooks.

I remember when it happened on the afternoon of the third day, I was still sitting on the bench in a daze, angry that the world did not understand me. On the day of the sun on my face, so I narrow my eyes. That moment, my heart suddenly raised a question from the heart: Yes, bad professional, boring work, the pressure of parents, everyone’s contempt, that is you do not, but, what do you want? What are you going to be when you see the sun again tomorrow?

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