More important cheap wholesale nfl jerseys is the dream

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When he was just More important cheap wholesale a junior high school nfl jerseys is the dream, his father was too tired to suffer from lung disease, while he took care of his father, while struggling to review the lessons, but his father did not survive the past. As the eldest son, he reluctantly left school to support his mother and siblings, to stir up the burden of care. His first job as a tea sweeping apprentice in uncle’s South Africa Watch company. He is always the first to arrive at the company and the last to leave the company. He believes that the establishment of a better themselves, in order to build a better future. Later, his name was known to the world, he is the richest man in the world Li Jiacheng.

Hisfamilywasverypoorwhenhewasachild, a long time home one day only eat two meals, two meals even, also are Tangtangshuishui, simply fill not the belly. He was nine years old to go to school, read to the age of fourteen, because the family is too difficult, had to drop out of school. Mother to the production team to apply to adopt a cow, he started his first job as a cowboy, he can earn two points a day. He knew that only knowledge jerseys from nfl china can change fate, so he side of cattle, all the while he read books like hunger and thirst to borrow. Later, he founded Fuyao Glass Group, has become the first Chinese, the world’s second largest automotive glass manufacturers, he called Cao dewang.

After he graduated from junior high school, in order to reduce the burden on the family, in the Zhoushan Ma farm when digging salt workers, every day is to nba jerseys news work on the beach digging salt, salt, salt. The monotonous life makes him very upset, he always wanted to but the reality gave rise head and shoulders above others, he gave a blow to resolve the hearts of the depression, he looked for some books, hoping to find a way out from the book. Dig together salt workers despised him, work tired, also what lofty reading. The irony of his colleagues aroused his strong desire for success. Later, he became the chairman of Wahaha Group Company, he is called Zong Qinghou.

In the summer of 1993, he finished the credits in advance, became one of the 18 graduates of Fudan University. However, ambitious but he was assigned to the Lujiazui group company lanternist, his work is daily videos about the group in a small house. Such a simple job, as long as not a fool can be competent, his intelligence and ambition can not be exerted, the ideal and the reality of a huge gap in his heart to suppress the full strength, vowed to change the status quo. Later, he became the Chinese network game industry’s founder and leader, made a start empty-handed entrepreneurial myth, he is Chen Tianqiao.

Grew up in a remote backward village in Zhejiang he Taizhou, 19 years after graduating from high school, his father gave him 120 dollars to let him fend for themselves, he bought a small camera, riding a broken bicycle on the street to ask others need photography. At the beginning, we all use strange eyes to see him, to take pictures will not go to the photo studio, and this young man is so young, the technology is not reliable? But he who dares to rush, and out of the exclusion, hesitate to lose the film let others free shot after half a year to earn enough money to officially open studio. He is currently chairman of Geely Group Li Shufu.

From small to large, his homework is not particularly good, both primary and secondary schools are three or four streams of school, junior high authentic nfl jerseys school entrance exam when the test was only the nfl jerseys online two time, the first time to participate in the college entrance examination, mathematics was tested for a score of 1. After the college entrance examination defeat, he began to lean on the tricycle work. The job was hard and he couldn’t make any money, but he was satisfied that he could support himself. Until one day, he took the guests to the Jinhua train station, accidentally picked up a book, is his “life”, he finished reading the book soliciting clearance, that their life should be spent this way, so he tried hard and was admitted to the Hangzhou Normal University. Later, he founded the Alibaba, Taobao, his name is Ma Yun.

These successful people, their first job in life, some are not as good as us, but in the end we are far behind. On the road of life, the starting point is important, but more important than the starting point, is the dream, as well as the efforts of the dream.

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