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Crimont Stone The secret nfl jerseys online, the death of his wholesale supply of success father’s childhood home as pour as a church mouse. The life force, he had to like many poor children, do a newsboy. He hope to walk into a restaurant, but before selling, was the boss kicked out of play. The second time, he was kicked out.

Little Stone didn’t want to do it, but at the thought of his mother’s hand, which had been washed for the others, he went into it again. The guests were stunned by the awful little creature, perhaps out of sympathy, and persuaded the boss to allow Stone to sell the newspaper at the restaurant. In spite of the pain, but the pocket was fitted with a lot of money, the newsboy life gave him the spirit nike nfl jerseys of perseverance.

“What did I do? What did you do wrong? What should I do next time?” Since the newspaper, Stone kept a habit of thinking.

Later, Stone’s mother sold insurance for an insurance broker. At the age of 16, Stone tried to sell insurance. He spotted a office building, walked past, when selling the newspaper case in front of my eyes. Stone stood in front of the stairs, trembling. Fear? Or excited? He can’t figure it out for a while.

“If you do, there is no loss, may also have a great harvest, then do it, do it right away!” Stone gave himself up, and finally into the building. This time, he wasn’t kicked out. Rejected, he immediately went jerseys different nfl size to the next office, so there is no time to hesitate, no time to feel fear. That day, Stone sold only 2 insurance, but he was very happy, because he saw his potential talent, but also learned a lot of marketing knowledge. On the second day he sold 4 copies, 6 copies in third days.

One does not do, two endlessly, in order to create their own career, Stone simply returned to school, traveled to michigan. Every day to sell nearly 40 insurance. So, by the time he was 20, he came to Chicago with confidence and opened an insurance agency. On the first day of business, he sold 54 insurance, which is a good sign. Stone full of confidence, running around, selling insurance. Why in Yecheng, he created a miracle of the day sold 122 copies.

Stone think we should hire some assistants, but he is very calm, early success made him come to a conclusion: at the beginning not fast, to lay a solid foundation, can be sustained. So he picked out a few salesmen. My career in Chicago to lay a solid foundation, came to Wisconsin and Indiana, and then to other states for marketing and advertising in the national newspaper. So, at the end of 20s, has more than 1000 sales in the nation state Stone brokerage agency, has begun to take shape, people sit up and take notice.

But you never know, Stone brokerage agency later suffered the great panic. For a time, the industry is unable to get up after a fall. People have no money to buy health insurance and accident insurance, rich people prefer to save money in case of emergency, the jerseys nfl direct supply brokerage agency is facing enormous difficulties.

Stone didn’t lose heart. This is the real reason, he argues, that the salesmen employed during the boom years have not withstood the severe test of the current economic depression. “Sales success depends on the salesman, not the customer.” Stone is going to prove this jargon personally.

He came to New York, with excellent marketing skills, and achieved remarkable results. This confirms his judgment. Therefore, he immediately published about how to sell the notes to the salesmen. He also personally through the States, along with them to go out to sell nfl jerseys online, combined with lectures, show them. Although his salesman has been reduced from 1000 to 200, the well trained salesman has created a huge fortune in.

Instead of making a big panic Stone became a millionaire, and other insurance companies have closed down, and took the opportunity to buy a few of the Stone, the results of profitability. In his efforts, the former little Newsboy finally became America’s “insurance magnate”. In life, difficulties everywhere. All you need to do is to stand up to the tough times.

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