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He was very Turn the nike nfl jerseys unhappy in his childhood from china corner, when he was 6 years old, his mother died of illness. Because of financial difficulties, he moved home three times, for a total of three schools. High school graduation exam, he ranked seventh in the whole school, which means that he will lose the opportunity to further study.

The day he took the diploma, he went out early, a man came to the park, where he saw a group of peers playing on the grass, he walked past, was playing the “Golf” ball, he proposed to participate in. For 10 straight shots, he’s in the hole.

For the first time to enjoy the joy of success, he went home happily told his grandmother. Over nfl jerseys news the next few days, he made himself a stick and practiced on his own lawn.

One day, my grandmother asked him if he wanted to go to the playground, because there was a top class golf tournament. They had to wait several times to get a seat in the subway, and after a few stops, grandma suddenly got off and said her bag was at home.

He was surprised to see how much he could get to the sports ground and the subway for an hour He jerseys china nfl factory arrived, they found the grandmother already there, smiling as he.

Grandma said, “I’m walking.”. Because it is only a mountain to the playground, walking just turn a few bends to the. Grandmother touched his head and said: “silly child, as long as they can reach the destination, why should adhere to what form? You don’t have a gift for learning, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make a big difference!”

He also embraced the grandmother see light suddenly, the arrangement. In vocational school, he takes a major in golf. He overcame his inferiority and showed an unusual effort. In 2000 the state of Florida’s famous occupation competition. He is Jim Frick, one of the most famous golf players in the United states.

At a press conference, he said: “a lot of people think I’m going to get nowhere, but my grandmother found out that I have a talent for sports. She said that success is just like everybody to fall over each other with a destination, if go to crowded subway, people too much, perhaps for a long time to have their own position, even arrived only standing far behind the others. Since it is just a process, why don’t we choose other ways? Many walk just several bends to The early bird catches.”

No success can be achieved. As long as you dare to give up you will not, dare to stick to your choice, success will become more and more near the corner.

He was the son of a carpenter, but he was crazy about poetry.

His first book of poems was printed in cheap jerseys nfl online l000, but it was a pity that none of them had been sold. He had to send all these poems. At that time, the famous American poet Lang Feiluo has to achieve success and win recognition, Lowell and nfl jerseys usa Holmes et al., in this booklet and the great poet Whittier is a contemptuous disregard, or even throw it into the fireplace. Because in their eyes, a carpenter’s son, is not worthy of writing poetry.

Cold and condemning all aspects, like the winter wind hit, his heart suddenly into ice. In his desperate, accidentally received a letter from a poet, who praised, and said to his poems: “I think it is the essence of the United States has contribute to the greatest ability and cleverness.”

This sincere praise and praise, he is in the verge of death, to see the dawn of hope. From then on he strengthened his belief in poetry. Years later, he became the United States and even the world recognized as a great poet, his only book of poetry has become the United States and even the history of classical poetry.

He is Walter Whitman, the book’s name is “leaves of grass”. When the write to praise and encourage the poet to him, but at the time of American literary legend Emerson.

We walk in this mortal world, being criticized and neglected is inevitable. But we must not be submerged to criticism on desire, is indifferent to budding passion eyes closed. Because we have reason to believe that even the darkness boundless, but there is always a lighted lamp can light up your heart, for you to disperse the haze, give you warmth, give you comfort, give you confidence and courage, even if it is only a glimmer of light.

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