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Z recently in the search for a new job, graduated 5 years Only to go all out to embrace, she has changed 4 jobs. For this job, small 2014 nike football jerseys Z is also full of expectations. Several interviews down, small Z found that the fact is not as successful as she imagined, she had a fancy, others did not look at her. Others look at her, and she felt the salary is not ideal, or the nature of the work is not ideal, or geographical location and so on, in short, would like to find a perfect job, it is really difficult.

Think about what you have done in these 5 years? What is the harvest?

There seems to be nothing else but a long history.

Nearly 30 years, in the end I am waiting for what? To wait 2014 nike football jerseys until what time? What is what I want?

5 years, every job is to raise wages, but not long, the kind of satisfaction will disappear, instead of the work of boredom, and then generate the money on the way of discontent.

In this 5 years, every time to give up the reason is so behoove is so far fetched.

After some thinking, small Z finally understand a truth, that is 2014 nike football jerseys, to change the fate, not by changing the environment, but to change their own.

Do the following, so you quickly upgrade the value, the equivalent of more than a month to save thousands of pieces.

One, to find their own shortcomings, and immediately corrected

Everyone has shortcomings and deficiencies, there are shortcomings is not terrible, terrible is that we are not aware of this. When you can face your weaknesses and shortcomings, you can get rid of them. This is the best way to improve your progress and self improvement.

Two, away from the negative, so that they are full of positive energy

People with type, and what kind of people Birds of a feather flock together., together, decide what kind of person you are. If you can’t avoid those negative people, choose to stay away from them. And those who have succeeded in learning how they perceive things, the right attitude, the Authentic Ravens Jerseys skills and methods of dealing with problems, how to improve, how to achieve success.

Three, develop and adhere to a new habit

You can develop a new habit or stick to your hobbies. Such as 2014 nike football jerseys reading, writing or writing, which can not only expand your horizons, also can let you become more wisdom.

Four. Get up early every day, exercise every week.

Every morning, when you are determined to get up from the 2014 nike football jerseys comfortable bed, you have overcome yourself. Make a big breakfast for yourself, look at the news, and take the best of the day, to meet a beautiful day. Keep your body and mind in the best condition for more than a second or more exercise.

Five, continuous learning, improve skills

In order to stand out in the workplace, you need to 2014 nike football jerseys constantly improve their skills, in order to better qualified for the job, to take on more responsibility. Stagnant means fall, comfort is the growth of your block agent, real growth is through the storm of experience.

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