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The world has kissed The world kiss nfl jerseys me with pain. I want to online free shipping return to song live strong. When Qi Wenbo was a child, he learned to live in a difficult family with courage and strength. There is a fork in the road near the Beijing Shenyang Expressway North Lee official station, the twists and turns to walk about 20 minutes later, the scene is a shanty town. Qi Wenbo’s home, at the end of the shanty town: a more than and 10 square meter bungalow.

Occupy half of the country into a cabin fire, broken wooden table with broken glass plate, the kitchen nfl jerseys news stoves to boil water for cooking and heating. Only one color family portrait photo, small Bo smile without worry……

Life distress makes prematurely sensible Bo wen. She never had any pocket money, and the children had a luxury for her. Although the family scrape by lucky but never saw the little girl.

Wen Bo at the age of 8, my mother suddenly suffering from schizophrenia. To save money, my father got up at 4 a.m. the morning rush to sell fish, want to go to a faraway place at night to go home jerseys nfl authentic Wholesale late at night on the goods. In this way, only to take care of the mother Wen bo. The onset of the midnight mother often ran out of the house, when sleeping, the fair always rely on the mother, try not to sleep; or find a string is tied to his wrist, the other end of the rope tied to her wrist, as long as the move, she would wake up. I once feel the mother is not around, she would have to go up the road to find the dark.

A small dirt road leading to the expert is very remote, when it rains are mud, snow is full of ice. She burst into tears, deep foot a shallow call mother, the most afraid of is the mother over the barbed wire, climb the nearby railway. However, she still had to repeatedly enter the barbed wire, the dull eyes of the mother to pull back, therefore, barbed wire often put her arms and legs to draw a bloodstain.

I can’t sleep at night, during the day to stay in school Wen bo. Especially in the morning of the 39 day, the day is not bright, the biting wind’s eyes. Wen Bo set up cotton vest, rubbing his hands, took an axe chopping…… Smoke, she choked out tears to ignite the earth stove. The first pot of boiling water, to the mother woke up clothes medicinal; boil a pot of gruel, cut salted radish, is one family breakfast; clearance boiled porridge, she opened the back of English words, but also with the fire stick the word to write on the ground.

6:20, Wen Bo Beiqishubao walk to school. The dirt road to walk for 20 minutes, Yingbin road walk for 20 minutes, arrived at the bus station. In order to save two round-trip fare, she would walk 20 minutes. If the family is worried, she often pretended to take the secret of these savings, household income.

She is a representative of the English class, with the students on the early self-study became her habit. At lunch, the other students went nfl cheap jerseys online to a small table for dinner, she ate brought from home, Steamed Buns pickles. School moral education director Qin Xinglong first discovered a small cultural dilemma, out of pocket contracted her lunch.

The fourth grade primary school small museum, the home of the only pillar – father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the family is undoubtedly one disaster after another. “Our parents, the day did not fall,wholesale nfl jerseys I’m here!” After crying, tears in the eyes of the parents of the small museum, revealing a bright smile.

After the first operation, the father’s body is extremely weak, the doctor asked him to rest at home. If the father and family will lose the source of life, don’t pay the rent, not even have to eat a meal. Dad forced to rest at home for half a month, went to the market to sell fish, overworked him in less than a year to do second operations.

It was too difficult to persuade my father to let the children go to school. My father said, “I don’t care, I have to let the children study!” This sentence, a small museum has been in mind, she study hard to become the biggest power. The first class, the first grade, the first school district, first, she got a good, excellent performance, has become the biggest hope this bitter family.

The seed of humble grass

Because my mother often fall ill, small Bo had to drop out of school for a year, all day long stay home nursing mother.

Chopping, cut nails; instant noodles, burned the big spoon; pull the switch, broken knee…… For a family of three meals, she even while my mother was taking a nap, go out every day to pick up plastic bottles and old paper box.

The face of suffering, Wen Bo always smiling, and never quit complaining. “Just remember, grandma said to me, crying too is also one day, smile is one day, why not spend every day happily!”

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