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The evening of For the wholesale 2016 nfl jerseys November 24, 2012,be on you in awe a faint chill swept up in Kunming, but in the gym to gurgling stream, I saw the lights, bustling. The museum is on the center of the ring and surrounded by a little humble, he is a rallying cry, because of excessive excitement, he accidentally will shake off the flag from the hands of.

On the second day, all the major newspapers came up with his name. Xiong Zhaozhong, the excited little man became the first world champion occupation Chinese.

Although Xiong Zhaozhong won the championship in Kunming, he was only in Yunnan Prefecture of Wenshan Province, the folks who witnessed his victory in the village only on TV. This is called rock wax feet Miaozhai, very poor, Xiong Zhaozhong was born here.

In 1999, only read a year vocational high school Xiong Zhaozhong. There is a black jerseys different nfl color mine near his home, 17 years old, Xiong Zhaozhong started his own life after dropping out of school. Just over five meters tall, weighing less than one hundred pounds of Xiong Zhaozhong’s work is pulled out from the pit along the track of a bus full of about 500 kilograms of coal carts, work 10 hours a day to earn 10 dollars. “Then I realized that it was much easier to use a bit of skill than mere brute force.” This is the most important lesson he learned in the mine.

One day。 Like watching boxing cousin at home watching the game, see Xiong Zhaozhong run for nfl jerseys online a moment can not be quiet, just call him together to see. It was the first time Xiong Zhaozhong saw boxing, but also the first time he knew that the fight will not be scolded, but also can make money. It can even become much hailed heroes like TV like muhammad. Later, cousin set up the village’s first boxing team. Work every day. He’s here with his cousin. They built a ring at the edge of the village, as long as you do, here became his dream to go places, then his side edge Lianquan toil.

Gradually, no match for Xiong Zhaozhong village arena, even the county in the play to show the white feather. He thinks boxing may change their destiny, their parents did not interfere too much on his job. In this way, he took his cousin and parents together more than 1800 yuan of money, as well as the enthusiasm of boxing came to Kunming. He started his boxing career.

Xiong Zhaozhong’s luck began to meet Liu Gang, the seven times successively won the national championship of the former boxer, opening a club in Kunming. Acting as a manager and coach.

Liu Gang initially did not look good bear. Like Xiong Zhaozhong with a cavity enthusiasm to learn boxing many people, but many did not insist on down, not to mention the physical condition of Xiong Zhaozhong is not good. He is too short. But Xiong Zhaozhong’s attitude is unusually firm.

“Why do you want to learn boxing?”

“I love boxing, I want to make money.”

“You want to be like Tyson as a game to earn tens of millions of dollars?”

“I can’t.. But earn hundreds of thousands or.”

Liu Gang smiled at the reply.

Over the next nfl jerseys direct supply few years, through the physical quality of the pull out of coal and his own potential, so that Xiong Zhaozhong in the boxing club is getting better and better. Three months later, Xiong Zhaozhong played all over the club. At this point, Liu Gang decided to use the club’s resources to focus on training him, the foreign coach please come in. Send Xiong Zhaozhong to go abroad to play, to contact the master.

Seven years. Xiong Zhaozhong is holding for survival and boxing, attitude, training very hard, fruitful. He has defeated Thailand’s Chakan, the Japanese national champion Jing Ming Misaki Sato, Philippines nfl jerseys online player Tegares Singwacha and other players, ranked first in Chinese occupation boxing. Known as the “champion” Chinese Miao “little Tyson”.

In November 24, 2012, Xiong Zhaozhong made history again, he defeated the Mexico champion Javier Martinez, winning the wBC Mini Lightweight world champion gold belt, China became the first world champion occupation.

From Ali, Tyson and Hollifield, and Xiong Zhaozhong, a count down, boxing history is a department of inspirational movies. Xiong Zhaozhong, the former miners who came out of the mountains, have been punching, never evasive. When the little man to face the life with the attitude of hard work, the world, how can you not appreciate?

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