Young 2016 cheap nfl jerseys for sale necessary to fight

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In an office in Young 2016 cheap nfl jerseys the United States, the for sale necessary to fight young director Terence Malik while drinking coffee, nervously watching the opposite is watching the script of investors. In order to be able to raise enough money for his new movie, “Heaven’s Day”, Terence Malik has persuaded the investor for a long time.

Investors unhurried leafed through the script, while on the side of anxiously waiting for Terence Malik’s heart had quickly jumped to my throat. Time is like a lazy snail climbed out of the window is very slow, twittering bird is rather tiresome.

At this time, investors suddenly put down the hands of the script, Terence Malik quickly put nba jerseys news down the coffee, leaned forward leaning body, waiting for each other’s views.

“Your script is good, but you know to do the film investment, we must first consider the upcoming film can not make money. With all due respect, I am afraid it is difficult for you to have a good box office because it is not the most popular subject.” Then the investor paused, and then went on, “and although you’ve made a few films, it’s hard for me to trust that I can give you such a large sum of money to go to the movies.”

Investors say that, did not give Terence Malik to continue to persuade the time, very simply put him out of the office.

After Terence Malik left the investor with a script, he looked very depressed. Recently, he has been looking for a lot of investors, but all have been mercilessly rejected, Terence Malik feel that they can not support fast. I was walking in the street he suddenly gave the script fell on the ground, looked up,nfl jerseys from china gave a reluctant sigh.

Pours a rainy night, Terence Malik didn’t even have always been very supportive of his good friend also disagreed with the shooting of this movie. In order to dispel the idea of Jeantains Malik, a good friend drove a special car from another city to the home of the Terrence – Malik.

“You want to know, in Hollywood, you are just a budding young director, here only respect success, once you this great movie investment failed, then it is very difficult to have someone to give you investment.” Good friends keep telling Terence Malik.

That night, after sending off a good friend, Terence Malik looked at the stars for a long time. One side is a huge pressure after the failure of investment, while his favorite theme, this dilemma makes it difficult for him to make a decision.

After thinking about the middle of the night, Terence Malik suddenly waved his fist, as if he had made a big decision. The second day early in the morning, Terence Malik again contacted investors, continuously to the man of his own wealth recommended movie theme. This time, he has to, would assume great risk of failure, to make the film success.

Not much effort, through continuous efforts, Terence Malik finally found the investment. In the subsequent shooting process, Terence Malik paid a lot of effort. When the film after the release, immediately attracted a one-sided praise, “heaven” the day’s success has brought great prestige to Terence Malik, he was from a little-known director ranks among the Hollywood A-list director.

Later, when someone asked Terrence Malik was how to withstand the pressure of all 2016 nfl jerseys aspects of the film will be successful, Terence Malik told each other: “young, it is necessary to fight! If the young have come to a standstill because of fear of failure, it will never nfl authentic jerseys live out their own wonderful!”

To keep the morale and enthusiasm of Terence Malik won great success in later years, shortly before, his new book “tree of life” is to obtain the best film prize at the sixty-fourth session of Cannes.

Young, we do not have the qualifications, the deep background and too much experience, so we want to win, we must ignite the body’s blood, a moment to go to work hard. Young, it is necessary to fight! As long as we dare to spell, you can create more opportunities for themselves, for their own life to fight!

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