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Hu Min Do a quick always wears a gray or yellow nike nfl jerseys china best up people shirt, collar, Tiaofenlvxi lectures, intoxicated. In 1995, he was appointed deputy director of the English department at the University of International Relations, began to speak. New Oriental “guest” is the most boring, reading the most thankless, but let many students love. 1999 was sent to the University of Portsmouth in England as a senior visiting scholar. From 1995 to 1999, he founded the 46 level and postgraduate training and other popular training programs from the grassroots teachers do middle and senior, has its own department, training materials is continual.

1999, Hu Min in the first time in the New Oriental wage drama dramatic. Entrepreneurial period, the New Oriental school teachers are the wages of all principals Yu Minhong hair, some hair in the office, and some were invited to the home. Call home is a special treatment, indicating that he has special expectations of the teacher. That day, the president Yu Minhong invited him home, pointing to the area of 140 square meters of the house, he said: “you must have this day. My house is nothing.”

What Hu Min in the arena on fame, is 1999 a “IELTS storm”.1999 in August, he went to England to visit during the summer vacation at their own expense, the British Council and the University of Cambridge examination committee, visited the year when studying the nfl jerseys news alumni, study prospect of IELTS, the advice nfl jerseys factory supply given to Hu Min with confidence. TOEFL is an empire!” The British Council president Sean Hyde gave him the IELTS a heavy stick, “no, IELTS will A new force suddenly rises. become a shining star!” Hu Min was already building another Empire, and during his time in England, he went through almost all the bookstores and bought a lot of IELTS books. When he left England, he had mastered the core resources of ielts.

In the winter of 1999, Hu Min returned to Beijing, the first thing is to organize the team of experts to prepare ielts. At that time, he took the undergraduate, graduate courses at the University of International Relations, also with the New Oriental School 46 grade exams, Tofu, ielts. It happened during that time for the sick and hospitalized wife meal, was sent to Xiyuan Hospital for mother-in-law, had to send their children to school to university. 5 months, he was writing textbooks, while the school graduate. He continued to explore, independent research and development, in one fell swoop to create a precedent for the IELTS system. He came to New Oriental in 2000. January 2001, the official publication of textbooks. In February, Hu Min began a national tour to promote the IELTS, went to visit soon, like a superstar, IELTS swept the country, the book market demand. He does not stop for a moment, to continue to lead a team to write second IELTS textbooks round the clock generation. In 2002, IELTS candidates doubled over the previous year, reaching 90 thousand.

2004 Hu Min easy to give up the professor, the founder of Beijing new channel school, successfully created a “Chinese IELTS dream team”, become the Chinese IELTS training pioneer and industry leader. Later, he continued to upgrade the textbook, has launched third, four or five series of textbooks. IELTS score has been recognized by more and more countries, including 900 universities in the United states. In 2007 Chinese nfl jerseys for sale IELTS and TOEFL exam number well-matched in strength. “Hu Yasi” copyright jerseys nfl different size is buying more and more countries and regions, set off the most powerful storm in the history of English Chinese, he pioneered the development and has independent intellectual property rights of the English training textbooks and monographs hundreds of books, become China’s English training industry a book most experts and famous English test the scholars, by the media as “the father of Chinese IELTS.

One thing can not be perfect, others may make excuses, but Hu Min would prefer “iron will hard carrying. Hu Min often said:” make a rapid up who is my character. I have always believed that work a harvest, I believe fate in their own hands, only perseverance, will succeed!”

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