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I am a native the more wholesale of Xi’an, is a $19 nike nfl jerseys the harder typical 80, I did not go to high school. My neighbor has a child, seven years old, want to learn ballet, I accompany the child to learn ballet. The teacher kept staring at me when I got there. She said you look like a doll like this, should go to engage in literature and art. The neighbors come back with my parents said, I was in my parents will go into the test, after the teacher left me, said: “this child is good, stay.” I went to art school (Shaanxi province).

I was lucky in my life in the school took the first TV drama, is a middle school student in the play, called “youth.”. The process of filming, I know Central Academy of Drama, Shanghai Theater Academy, PLA Academy of drama, Beijing drama school. We have two actors in the group, then we play teacher, an actor named Guo Jinglin, an actor named Liu Weiwei, they said to me: “you must do this thing, the university entrance exam, to the school, so you can become a recognized actor.” Then I listened to both of them.

Before coming to Beijing did not feel in art is a particularly difficult thing. When he walked into the campus of Central Academy of Drama, I have been silly, almost no more room on nfl cheap jerseys online the playground, looking at every girl is beautiful, every boy a few meters of the tall, handsome, felt it was hit. During the examination, a person out said what is your backseat driver exam, I said nike nfl jerseys  I was 2237, he said: “well, 37 students, two of you are in this quarrel, quarrel.” And then came a girl, the girl came over and hit me crazy. I was stupid at the exam. May be because in the examination room on a girl like me, so strong to beat me, I have always been afraid of the habit of wife. The results of the exam retest leaving only I a person. Maybe the teacher thought the man was too poor, and I passed the three test.

Outside the examination room, the parents of candidates, huge crowds of people. I feel like I’m treading on cotton, I don’t see anything. My dad asked me, “are you nervous?” I said nervous. He said that what method can relieve your tension, when I was seventeen years old, said: “give me a cigarette!” My dad looked at me and said, “in more than and 20 days you will be an adult, and you will be eighteen years old. Good! I thought I would wait for you to accept it slowly, and now I give you a cigarette for this special event.” From my father’s hand over the first cigarette, I think that cigarette is the most fragrant cigarette in my life.

It was in the two drama film school and I have been a two try, but these two schools, the play is the place I want to go, I did a very impulsive thing in eight volunteer volunteer card in all fill in the play. My mother looked at me with the volunteer watch and cried, “how can you do that?”!” She said: “son, you just fill in the family school, the others two schools don’t want you, you still have space to go, if you don’t fill it, you may have to stay at home for a year.” I said I’d rather stay for another year and go to Central Academy of Drama.

In the Xi’an area, I have a classmate, he also admitted in the play. In July, the number eighteen or number twenty, he received the admission notice, a phone call: “you got the article?” I said, “what do you get?” “I was admitted! Goodbye!” Special damage. My heart is cold, my father would say you go out and have a heart, give you one thousand dollars. I say one thousand dollars. He asked, where do you want to go? I say Beijing. To Beijing, under the train I hit a car, came to the East Cotton alley, stood at the entrance of the Central Academy of Drama looked at, I was thinking: oh! Why don’t you want me? You want me! At that time, I saw some students in the school, playing basketball and playing football. Have a look at the people playing football in the school, I immediately put on the bench, the shorts, and they play, “Hey, there are some courses students! Hey, classmate!” I think it’s really kind of a collective sense of honor to join them.

The day before returning jerseys nfl authentic Wholesale to Xi’an, at half past ten in the evening, my mother gave me a call, I was eating a string of beer, my mother did not speak for a long time, I said: “Hey, how, how?” My mother said: “admitted!” The moment I cried, I cried in a kebab stand. The other end of the phone my mother cried, I feel so good! Back in Xi’an, I called my classmate nfl jerseys online, and I said, “I passed the exam! Let’s go together!”

Came to the Beijing drama school think, well, all people like us, learn. My first line class, the teacher entered the classroom first told us: “anything to use gas, out of your belly, to make the last row of the audience can hear your voice alone is not enough.” All the students in our class are lying in a big classroom. The teacher said: “well, now breathe, we look for the feeling of sleep, this feeling is very natural, to make your breath clear.” I fell asleep.

Then the teacher sternly told me: “this is the first year of our school screening period, four subjects as long as there is one fail to be screened. I tell you now, I’ll give you a pass.” First performance.

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