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Hold a cold God gives nike nfl jerseys mother daughter, Su Yu for sale a low branch Liu spiritual collapse. Put a “stupid” daughter sent to the well-known institutions of higher learning, and then let her into the well-known law firm in Dalian, the mother paid much effort ah! But only a year after graduation, in such a way to return the mother’s deep grace!

At all to let her daughter up

The 50 year old Liu Yu, peers for full-time graduates is the number of school to teach after graduation, because of outstanding achievements in teaching, the way to get promoted at the age of 35 he was promoted to Professor, deputy director of the Department of Business Administration of a university in Dalian, the school was the youngest professor and middle-level cadres. Wife Liang Jun is a civil servant, is now at the top. The couple’s career achievements so many people envy and even jealousy.

1984, Liu Yusheng daughter, named Liang Susu. She said to her husband, our children must be better than others.

However, her daughter’s performance but let Liu Yu surprise: 1 years jerseys supply nfl center nba jerseys news 7 months, when other people’s children have to run, but also take instability susu.

In addition to walk, Susu language ability are stunted, other people’s children will have to shout “aunt and mother-in-law”, even her “Mom and Dad” would not say. Her performance makes very Wohuo Liu yu.

Really let Liu Yu down from the Susu primary school start, every exam, those who need a little smarter questions, Susu always get points.

In order to let his daughter Liu Yucheng wise, a variety of brain health products loyal fans, forcing her to eat all kinds of supplements every day. However, learning achievement did not go up, but the children early, the fourth grade primary school had menarche. Finally, the doctor or friends strongly recommended, Liu Yucai stopped on her daughter’s brain “project”.

But she did not stop to build the daughter “outstanding project”, the daughter of her spare time for a full, please all the tutor one on one counseling for her daughter.

Please tutor result is very significant, the fifth grade primary school first semester, to test a Susu epoch-making first class.

As a teacher in the class is either a “dark horse” to join the quiz. In the race, Susu actually once responder did not press on, because she did not understand the problem, the other students knew the answer.

In a diary written later, Su recalled this matter heart feeling: I was so slow that a drag back always in team activities. However, the mother does not want to admit this, she always thought she and dad are elite, according to genetic, how can I not smart? Therefore nfl jerseys top quality, parents can not necessarily be a good thing, I am not happy, she lives in the hard.

Bookworm on the elite

The summer of 1997, Susu finally on the junior high school, Liu Yu spent all their savings at home, as one of the subjects, Susu tutor in Dalian city. In $19 nike nfl jerseys the end, Susu was trained as long as a first test, we know the problem solving ideas. So, every time the exam, Susu can achieve top five class.

Liu Yu was satisfied. At that moment she got her daughter transcripts, the Susu said: “you are really clever mom forced to dig out.”

2000, Su was admitted to the Dalian twenty-fourth middle school. The first test in high school, her door failed unexpectedly. To this end, the teacher in charge of a serious and serious dialogue with Liu Yu. When the teacher said carelessly is suspected by the way that exam Susu was admitted to the twenty-fourth middle school, Liu Yu stamp with rage: “I can tell you this sentence according to slander!” The teacher said, she dragged onto the principal room, a debate, finally her teacher apologized to Liu yu. President Liu Yu took the opportunity to put forward: “this class of stereotypes Susu, not suitable for my daughter’s teacher. This thing I can not reflect to the board of education, the premise is to either at a high (six) class a.”

One (six) class is top class, so it can not keep up the progress of Susu was transferred to the top of the class. Less than a week, the mother always agrees Susu told my mother: “I want to quit school.” Liu Yu listens, eyes are staring out. Susu is quite firm: “what the teacher says, I don’t know. High school courses are really hard for me. I want to go to vocational schools of nursing, nursing homes will come to work.” “Susu, almost did not take the death of Liu Yuye.

Liang Jun tried to persuade Liu Yuzun heavy child’s choice, but Liu Yu responded quite strongly: “ten thousand times worse than we Susu all the children to university, why couldn’t she? I tell you Liang Jun, unless I die tomorrow, otherwise, I must be a factor in the University, but also the elite!”

Heaven pays off, in 2003, was admitted to the China University of Political Science and Law of civil and economic law, susu. Get the admission notice that day, Liu Yu burst into tears. Liang Jun is Liu Yu indebted forever: “if not for you, my daughter spent.”

Spoil things by excessive enthusiasm

The university life also opens a window for Susu, she would have no mother arrangement, enjoy university life. However, the reality soon extinguished the hope of susu. The end of the first semester, the class is only a number of her failed people.

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