Knowing that wholesale authentic nike nfl jerseys is no hope

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Tug of war is Knowing that wholesale one of the most simple sports authentic nike nfl jerseys is no hope, but more simple and more philosophical. In general, the two sides began to fight always stalemate for a period of time, gradually have a go on, finally collapsed and lost.

The tug of war, on the surface, is the power of confrontation, in essence, is the will and faith of the fight. In general, the number of equal strength between the two sides does not have a large gap, can be said to be well matched well-matched in strength. So, in this case, the importance of the power to take second place, the key is to see whether the cooperation of everyone together, whether there is a strong fighting spirit, whether there is a belief, whether can stick to the last minute.

In fact, far more than the tug of war, all sports, all struggle is so successful. Who can hold on to the end, who won the opponent, won the victory. Therefore, in a sense, adhere to is victory.

In fact, insist on victory is relative. Because only the adhere to nfl jerseys from china adhere to nfl jerseys online the time, is to stick to, give up the wrong, and will adhere to the victory sign. Otherwise, the result is another. So, can not adhere to, in addition to adhere to itself, there is a belief and knowledge support.

The support of knowledge is based on the judgment of the situation and the correct understanding of the truth.

Bao opened two years (969) March, Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin led Taiyuan, finally failed, is because of a lack of professional knowledge and correct understanding of the affair, and did not adhere to adhere to the example.

Zhao Kuangyin, Fen River water straight Taiyuan City, making Taiyuan into an island.

But the strange thing is, from March to May in Taiyuan city in addition to leap, shed a few pieces of soil dregs, no matter what basically. North Han always adhere to the teeth, but it does not adhere to the first song. Just because of the heat, many soldiers diarrhea, malaise, The climate does not suit one., collapse weakness.

In fact, the song again exhausted, not more than the North Han isexhausted, Zhao Kuangyin had reason to stick to it, but in the end, he gave up. Bao opened two years (969) in May of this year, a song.

Song after nfl authentic jerseys retreating North Han will open the dam, the Taiyuan city of the free water immersion. Can not think of is that the walls of the city for a few months to soak up the water, even a wide range of collapse. The northern Han and see that this is the case, all out in a cold sweat, deeply scared.

At that time, the Khitan envoy Han Zhifan in Taiyuan, I said: “Song Shi water into the city, only know one, I do not know if you know the first dip and dry up, Taiyuan city will be early fall!” This is Zhao Kuangyin cheap nfl jerseys Han Zhifan sharply, to know where the truth “first and then dip dry soil wall will collapse. Because Zhao Kuangyin did not insist on leaving the eternal regret.

The tortoise and the hare, ten inferior horse riding through perseverance, one game to go, that is to adhere to; without the awl stab, Oki Ju, never give up, that is also not adhere to; if the money comes to date, do not say or to gou free……

There are many kinds of persistence. Most of the time, not because they see hope to insist, nor is it because there will be hope to adhere to. It is clear that there is no hope to adhere to, because we have to break through the bottom line of our life, we have no choice. Adhere to the bottom line is that there is no reason why you can answer.

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