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Mr. potato From dishwasher nfl jerseys called Madelin, looks like free shipping wholesale Madelin a big potato, is a fast two hundred pounds of fat man. He likes to eat potatoes, I love reading and writing, not graduated from junior high school began to drift North Road, the first stem is dishwasher, is now a freelance writer. Still like the past love to eat potatoes.

Silent years

Mr. potato is more than and 30 years old, not married, had marital phobia. When a young girl gave birth to a daughter for him, for the other man had moved to tears and mucus flowing down rapidly but at this time, but Mr. potato to break up, even though the girl desperate, to hold children jumping. The girl is not filial, like Mr. potato parents are rural people. The old man all the way to kill the pig carrying food to serve Beijing girl confinement, she did not let the two old people with the toilet in the home, the elderly suffer from diarrhea, non blocking in the toilet door girl he’s really not letting this go not to use, not let the old man go outside the building site. It was Mr. potato caught, his heart broken. Now have the money to buy a house for their parents, save nba jerseys news a sum of money. He felt that he was a person, what kind of idea which to die, perhaps one day he would lift the computer on the road, so he first of all parents to solve the worries.

Mr. potato was born in the countryside, grew up on the text is the jerseys for nfl sale most fascinating, the comic book people. After junior high school, he met a Chinese teacher who can speak Mandarin, which is full of appeal for him, in order to let the teacher read his composition in good Mandarin, he kept practicing writing. The teacher also regard him, every time when I read his composition, so he secretly germination when the writer’s wish, and a get out of hand. He began to write novels, contributing to the school paper, thus become the little red school.

About that time the martial arts novels, on the third day of small potatoes day school students met a bully, he felt as the Reds should come forward to pipe it, to help people fight the people get to the hospital. The school criticized him, he doesn’t think he is wrong, but as the Reds, suddenly to be criticized in front of the whole school, did he do not hang on the face, he decided not to go to school.

Do not read what to do, the parents let him do the work, let him know that not only to read a lifetime. He can be young, who have the northwest man bones kind of self-esteem and perseverance, he must prove that he can bear all the cost for this choice, even a lifetime does not admit any wrongdoing. Then, at 5 every morning he went out and, a month at home all the land plough again, and when his storytelling to listen to, but the Jin Yong’s novel back over and over. Parents know this, the children eat steeled her.

Dad later to the potato in a secondary school in the county to find a burning boiler work, there is a library at the school gate. My father is the school gardener, he was from my father to find some flowers to mow authentic nike nfl jerseys down the library for the book to see the old lady, he had the opportunity to see a lot of books, but also write essays published in the “Gansu daily”, the school teacher will say: “old son, the boiler wrote these students published, you use more carefully ah!”

It was 1996, no accident, to learn the craft of potatoes will paint the house, ah, ah, in a few years to get married and have children and live sike. Perhaps a sleepless night, he sat up late at night, a man dressed in clothes a cigarette, looked at the sleeping wife and children silently Shenshang, thought, life is strangled my dream. However, his trajectory has changed because of falling in love with a person.

Potatoes like a waiter, girls like him. But her brother didn’t agree with them that they could not match the girl’s family. So he nfl jerseys supply center decided to leave the city to become a city account than the cattle force. Take the bus out of the city, after her work in the restaurant, he saw her hands on the glass windows, move back and forth across the window, he suddenly felt that she was waving to you, big boy suddenly burst into tears full of sap. He was 17 years old, with a young XinBiTianGao heroic dream, with 300 dollars borrowed, turning back to Beijing city. Then he isn’t a 220 pound of fat, and weight is only emboldened, luggage bag novels, prose, and poetry, all manuscripts, like mother Naxie like stitch sewed his into a stack of another stack. His dream was laughed at by all the people, he did not graduate from junior high school, home – – – – – when – as a home, who believe ah.

However, after 16 years, 2012 of the evening of October 12th, in Beijing Sanyuanqiao B Jiahe cinema, movie “the silent years” premiere scene, Mr. potato smiles shuttling in Western dress and leather shoes, he is one of the People are hurrying to and fro., the film’s screenwriter and main actor. In the “silent years” before the release, he has a few books, made several TV series, and Lin Chiling Honglei Sun, a play, and Jay Chou filmed advertising, the lengtouqing skinny guy was silent years to wind and the story of feeding, finally grows into his original desire appearance full solid strength. Now he is the hometown of the cultural celebrities, whenever he has what trends, home of the media all the front page to him, even on the bus are his very dynamic.

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